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Growing cannabis plants from seed or clone? Which is best? | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

Growing cannabis plants from seed or clone? Which is best?

If we have learnt anything over our 21 years it is this: Amongst the growing community everybody has an opinion! Seed vs clone is one hot topic that is in a state of continuous discussion and obviously we have a pretty strong opinion on this one. We say, grow from seed every time!

What are the advantages of growing cannabis plants from seed? We get asked this question a lot of course and when we give the answer, there are always some who respond by saying “You are seed bank so you would always say that!”

Well yes, it’s true, we are a seed bank, and we sell 30+ strains, that have been carefully developed and bred over the years. And it is precisely for this reason that we are in the best position to offer our advice!

However, for a balanced argument, let us consider the advantages of growing from clones – which are cuttings taken from a Mother plant. This method is obviously more convenient, cheaper and means that you are buying in a plant that is more mature and therefore closer to harvest.

However, here are 5 good reasons to grow your cannabis plants from seed:

Growing cannabis plants from seed or clone? Which is best? – Paradise Seeds

1) What you buy is what you get. It’s an obvious point but when you buy seeds from a reputable seed bank, you know exactly what you are getting. With clones it is anyone’s guess, unless you have intimate knowledge of their grow history. Each Paradise Seeds marijuana seed has been bred under strict conditions to preserve the genetic integrity of the strain… oh yes and they are guaranteed to be feminized (you cannot say the same about clones!).

2) Seeds make for healthier growth. If you grow from seed you will have a stronger, healthier plant. Fact! If you bring a clone into your grow room, it might travel with some unwelcome passengers. Clones can often bring pests and disease with them whereas growing from seed ensures that your plant grows with the in-built protection of anti-pest genetic qualities.

3) Strong roots, better root development. By growing from seed, you have a healthier root development with more strength, and for this reason roots will actually grow quicker in the long run. If you stop to think about it, this is obvious as a plant grown from a cannabis seed is going through its natural cycle – for example, a clone does not come with a tap root which is the basis for strong root development.

Growing cannabis plants from seed or clone? Which is best? | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

4) Better for management. Planting from seed gives you proper assurances regarding the growth and confidence in the uniformity and flowering pattern of the plant. For example, when you plant a Paradise seed and the information material says it will flower in 50 – 60 days, that’s what it will do! So you can properly plan your grow. The same guarantee does not come from a clone.

5) The best picture starts with a blank canvas. From seed you are starting fresh and that plant is all yours! From the moment it germinates it is you who controls how this plant will grow and for many of our Paradise Seeds growers that is very important.

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