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Grow Report: Jacky White | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

Grow Report: Jacky White

Captivated by a full blooded lady, Jacky White

Jacky White was part of the second batch of new feminized strains released to the market by Paradise Seeds in 2006, after the company had entered the feminized seed business in 2005 with feminized versions of classic Paradise strains such as Sensi Star, Dutch Dragon, Nebula or Sheherazade. It was infamous German grower Mr. Power-Planter who cultivated feminized Jacky White seeds in his test grow facility. Of course he was curious about the growth, yield, potency and aroma potential of the genetics themselves, but also wanted to get an impression of Paradise Seeds` abilities in terms of female seed breeding – he had never tried their feminized seeds before. To Mr. Power-Planter`s disappointment, it proved to be impossible to worm the Jacky White pedigree secret out of Luc, the breeder of Paradise Seeds, he would reveal not even a tithe of. Mission impossible, the genetics of Jacky White are kept 100% secret. The only fact known is that Jacky White is a mostly sativa strain.

Thick white layers of resin

Seven Jacky White seeds were sown, all of them sprouting without any problems. The seedlings were put into 6 litre pots filled with Plagron Royalty Mix and placed under a MaxGrow 180 watts Dual Spectrum CFL, being exposed to a daily light cycle of 18 hours. They spent three weeks in the vegetative stage, growing healthy and homogenously. Then Mr. Power-Planter induced flowering by switching the light cycle to 12 hours per day, replacing the CFL by an Osram NAV-T 600 watts lamp. Within 7-9 days, by forming small preflowers at the main stem, all of the Jacky White plants exhibited their gender – which was overall female, indeed. The plants had developed relatively strong side-branching and kept on stretching a lot in the course of flowering, a behaviour that indicated a good deal of sativa genetics. That stretching behaviour led to fairly wide internodes, but the very compact, dense and roundish structure and size of the Jacky White buds could well compensate for this. However, Mr. Power-Planter didn`t put the stretching effect down to Jacky White`s genetics, but rather supposed that it was due to the fact that he was inexperienced with the new BioCanna BioVega and BioFlores fertilizers (both having low nutrient formulations of respectively 3.5-1.0-5.5 and 2.5-2-5 N-P-K) he used, because the plants also started to yellow much earlier than usual. It was obvious that Mr. Power-Planter should have used a higher concentration than stated on the fertilizer bottles. I know several other growers who have gained similar experience with the BioCanna fertilizers, with their plants exhibiting deficiency symptoms when receiving the standard BioCanna fertilizer concentration. Luc also supposed a nutrition problem, underlining that Jacky White normally forms long, uninterrupted fat buds.

Only slight variations between individual Jacky White’s

The calyx-to-leaf ratio was quite high with most of the plants. They produced more and more resin in the course of flowering and in the end really lived up to the expectations raised by their strain name Jacky White, exhibiting lovely thick white layers of resin. The aroma of the Jacky White plants was quite a surprise, giving off an incredibly strong and delicious grapefruit scent that much reminded me of Soma`s NYC Diesel. But Luc negated any relationship to the Diesel. The seven Jacky White strains kept the promise of reliable femaleness until the end of the cultivation cylce, not showing the slightest hint of male flowers. After 61 days of flowering, Mr. Power-Planter harvested all of the plants, although only three were fully ripe, the other four would have needed another week or so, a little bit later than stated by Paradise Seeds (60 days). But that difference was only marginal and Mr. Power-Planter had to empty his room because of a narrow time schedule. With end heights of 83, 89, 99, 101, 101, 104 and 105 cm, the uniformity of the seven Jacky White plants was very satisfying, confirming Paradise Seeds` description “this mostly sativa hybrid is also notable for her stability, with only slight variations between individual plants”.

Jacky White’s THC molecules took possession

Five plants delivered between 33 and 38 dry grams of finest sinsemilla, the yield of the other two (the shortest plants) was just below 30 grams – on the whole, for plants grown from seed, the harvest was clearly above average. According to Paradise Seeds, under optimum conditions even 600 grams per m2 are possible with Jacky White. They also say that pruning or bending to increase yield works well with this strain.
When it came to test smoking, we were highly delighted by the strong and fresh sativa turn of the Jacky White buds. The intense citrus taste rushed into our mouth while, just as fresh and highly energising, the THC molecules took possession of our brain twists. After a while, however, that soaring sativa high changed into a more stoney high that was enjoyable, too.
Mr. Power-Planter was extremely satisfied with his fruitful Jacky White grow, being totally captivated by these full blooded ladies. He highly appreciated the fact that all of the seven plants turned out to be 100% female and was taken with the great Jacky White citrous flavour and high. Jacky White can also be grown outdoors successfully in a moderate to sunny climate, ripening by mid October.

Cultivation data:

Strain: Jacky White
Pedigree: Mostly Sativa
Vegetative stage: 21 days
Flowering stage: 61 days
Medium: Plagron Royalty Mix
pH: 6.2-6.5
EC: 1.2-1.8
Light: Vegetative: MaxGrow 8U Spectrum CFL (180 watts)
Flowering: 1 x 600 W Osram NAV-T, 1 x MaxGrow 8U Son-T in Cool Tube
Temperature night: 15-18 °C
day: 23-27 °C
Air humidity: max. 50 % in the flowering stage
Watering: by hand
Fertilizers: BioCanna BioVega, BioCanna BioFlores
Stimulators/Additives: BioCanna Bio Boost
Height: 83, 89, 99, 101, 101, 104, 105 cm
Yield: 33 grams on the average

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