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Rainbow Road

Grow Report: Rainbow Road

Monster Sativa Delivers Historical Harvest Record!

Rainbow Road is a sativa dominant hybrid from Paradise Seeds that announces itself with a sweet and fruity nature (a combination of classic Hindu Kush and Strawberry Haze) and claims of being one of the biggest yielding sativas Paradise have produced in their 26 year history.

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Two seeds were germinated in a soil mix and the heads of the seedlings were showing above the surface after 2.5 days. The sativa heritage of Rainbow Road ensured an impressive initial growth surge – the plants topping 28cm and 32cm after three weeks. Both plants displayed fairly narrow shade leaves and four lateral branch pairs. After four weeks they had reached heights of 40cm and 48cm.

The Flowering Stage

The two plants continued to stretch and after four weeks of flowering the plants had increased their heights dramatically, almost tripling in size – displaying classic tropical sativa traits. The stretch was accompanied by aggressive flower production with ‘hairy’ compact flower clusters developing above and along the lateral branches and main stem.

After six weeks of flowering, both plants were showing monstrous capacity for growth and showed similar characteristics – the main shoot sticking out from the middle like a steep tower topped with an elongated top cola and a high calyx to leaf ratio.

Also noted at this stage was the copious resin production of both plants and a very intense scent of fruity sweetness, with definite shades of mango and strawberry. Such was fullness of the bud laden lateral branches that some support was required as they raced towards their harvests.

Both plants took the full 10 weeks to mature, but the wait was worth it. Both plants delivered a payload of unusually dense and rock hard buds, literally pulsating with trichomes and covered in incredibly lavish resin coats.

Final heights of the two Rainbow Roadplants were 155 cm and 135cm.

Harvest Yield

The combined yield from these two monsters was a huge 340 grams (yes that is correct!).

Smell and Smoke Report

The dried buds were impressive too, resin soaked and presenting themselves with a distinctive strawberry swirl to their scent. To test the taste and effect, a half gram of bud was rolled with a little tobacco into a long, thin joint. The first toke delivered a sensational sweetness that lingered on the lips even after the exhale. The flavor was the next pleasant surprise with that initial strawberry note becoming overtaken by a “delicious potpourri of red fruits” taste.

The effect was one of euphoria and clarity, accompanied by a permanent grin. This full throttle ascent into the stratosphere lasted for approximately 1.5 hours before the buzz levelled off into cozy relaxation and deep inner balance.

The Verdict

Strength runs through this plant – from its huge yield potential to the superb quality of its smell, taste and effect. Taking into consideration all these factors, Rainbow Road has all the makings of a plant that has the potential to become a new flagship in the Paradise Seeds fleet.

Cultivation data:

Genetics Rainbow Road (Sativa-dominant)
Vegetative stage 4 weeks (after germination)
Flowering stage 63and70 days / 65-70 days in general
Medium Plagron Grow Mix soil, 11 litre pots
pH 6.2-6.6
EC 1.2–1.8 mS
Light up to 12 x SANlight S4W = 1680 watts
Temperature 19-28°C
Air humidity 40-60%
Watering By hand
Fertilisation Organic Bloom Liquid + Organic More PK from Green Buzz Liquids
Additives/stimulants Living Organics, More Roots, HuminSäure Plus, Big Fruits, Fast Buds and CleanFruits from Green Buzz Liquids
Tools CleanLight Pro for mould prevention
Height 135 and 155 cm
Yield 103 and 237 g

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