Is It Time To Grow Your Own Weed?

The law of every country is different so we always advise you to be aware of the legal situation, but if you are lucky enough to be living in a part of the world where growing cannabis plants for personal use is tolerated or legal then you should be thinking about growing your own weed.

“Don’t get high on your own supply?” This is a quote that gets recycled a lot but do you know where it came from? The answer is the 1983 Brian De Palma movie, Scarface, starring Al Pacino. It’s a line that gets used a lot. In the early days of Paradise Seeds we liked to use the line but with a twist. “Do get high on your own supply,” we told customers – grow your own weed!

Back then the logic behind this advice was simple, and in many ways it still is. If you grow your own weed at home then that puts you in control of every aspect, from cannabis seed to flower. It means no more stress about scoring from the street or waiting around for a dealer. You have the power to choose what you are consuming and best of all you know where it comes from (and we always recommend you go organic).

For many people, making the jump from thinking about growing their own to actually going ahead and doing it can be a long (not to mention stressful) process. However, those that do make the jump rarely regret it. If you have been thinking about home growing cannabis seeds but still have your doubts, here’s some food for thought:

1) Home Grow Cannabis for Your Own Supply

I don’t want to get busted! Nobody wants to get busted and we always advise Paradise Seeds customers to be aware of the law of their country and the risks involved. Most cannabis busts happen for the following reasons:
I) Someone is selling cannabis and this has placed them on the radar. 
II) Someone is growing cannabis indiscreetly and aroused the attention of neighbors.
III) Bad luck. 

The easy answer to this is, if you are growing cannabis seeds to use plants for your own personal use and not selling it, then you are not going to be on anyone’s radar. And if you take the necessary precautions with your set up then keeping it secret shouldn’t be a problem. Bad luck we can’t give you any advice for – yes shit happens – but more often than not factors of points 2 + 3 are involved!

2) Discretion is Your Best Friend

What we don’t recommend: Telling all your friends your starting to grow and posting photos of every stage all over your social media accounts with the hashtags #iloveweed and #timetoharvest. What we do recommend: Tell only the people it may affect ie other people in your apartment or house and make sure they are cool with you doing it. Close and trusted friends? OK, you can tell them (but not the ones with the big mouth – you know who we mean 😉

 3) Choose the Best Grow Space 

A simple grow tent is the best solution for most new growers. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit whatever space you have and if you want to get super James Bond with your set up then consider a stealth grow tent or box. If you grow your own weed indoors it’s important to think about access. Attics and basements are ideal spaces because they are out of the way places. 

If you’re growing outdoors, use your common sense. If your garden is small and overlooked by neighbours then the sight and smell of a monster cannabis plant approaching harvest time in October is going to get you noticed. Choose a secluded spot or grow your cannabis plants in pots so they can be moved around if your grandmother decides to visit and consider autoflowering cannabis seeds which are God’s gift to the cause of stealthy grows!

4) Minimize Sight, Sound, Smell and Suspicious Behaviour

You want your indoor cannabis grow set up to be an addition to your home, not to dominate it. In order to sleep safe at night we recommend that you invest in a good extractor fan and install it correctly to minimize noise. Ensure the only person seeing your grow lights is you (and not the whole neighbourhood through an open window) and make sure your carbon filters are well fitted and regularly replaced. Once it comes to harvesting plan the disposal of trimmed matter as if it is a bank heist in reverse – ie don’t just dump a bag of stinky leaf and stalk in your home trash can!

5) Decide What You’re Going to Grow 

One of the biggest pleasures of home growing cannabis is choosing which cannabis seeds to cultivate. With your own space you can really indulge your passion – from a mellow or potent indica to an uplifting and energetic sativa or medical quality cannabis CBD rich strains, there is a Paradise Seeds feminized seed to fit all occasions. Our last bit of advice to any new home grower is do your homework – all our strain descriptions give key information on ease of growth and suitability for space and climate. For best results always follow the instructions.

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