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How To Grow Cannabis-Seeds A Beginners Guide

How To Grow Cannabis Seeds? A Beginner’s Guide

With the best tips for beginners starting to grow cannabis seeds, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for dummies (we don’t mean this in a bad way!) to help them get started. This guide provides answers to the 10 most common questions that people who have not grown cannabis before ask our Paradise Seeds team.

When you are starting out on your journey as a new cannabis grower, it can be a little overwhelming as you consider what you need in the form of seeds, equipment and growing environment to set up your first grow. As you will discover, everybody has their own advice about how best to grow a cannabis plant! In addition there are numerous online sources providing information and advice which can also be overwhelming when you start out.

However, don’t panic! While there are plenty of advanced techniques that can be used to boost yield and quality of a home cannabis crop, it’s actually pretty simple to start growing. While cannabis isn’t exactly ‘just a weed’, it is a very versatile and adaptable plant which will grow fine if you follow a few basic guidelines. The secret is to becoming a great grower is to have patience, learn lessons from each grow and understand the possibilities (and limitations) related to your specific growing environment.

Follow these 10 beginner’s tips for growing cannabis to start your journey with a feeling of confidence. They cover the basic things you need to know, from how best to germinate and grow cannabis seeds to avoiding some of the more common mistakes novice cannabis growers make.

Who can help if I have a question about cannabis seeds?

If you still have unanswered questions about how to grow cannabis seeds, you can always contact [email protected] for some advice about which seeds are best suited for your grow environment.

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