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Indoor Growing? Paradise Seeds’ Top 5 Recommendations

Are you looking for some new strains for the grow room to get this new decade off to a flying start?! Well you’ve come to the right place because we are going to kick off 2020 with our Top 5 Indoor Strains which we recommend for the indoor grow set up.

This list is a mix of sativa and indica varieties to satisfy all tastes and combines some real Paradise Seeds classics with some of our newer generation strains. Follow our top indoor strains guide and we can promise you that your indoor grow set up will reward you!

As you can imagine, at Paradise Seeds we frequently have enquiries from cannabis growers who are looking for recommendations for strains to fulfillspecific objectives. We love getting these questions because one thing we always recommend is that growers do their research before they buy their seeds.

It may sound like common sense but you would be surprised how often growers, especially those who are new to cultivation, choose their plants based on a pretty picture and the only information they want to take away from the description (often this involves the words ‘big harvest’ and ‘quick finish’!).

The more experienced grower, on the other hand, has enough growing experience to do their homework before they begin! This may include following the advice of fellow cannabis growers, or, as already mentioned simply asking our sales team to recommend a variety based on their cultivation set up and grow circumstances. This is obviously a smart move! Paradise Seeds has been in the business of selling cannabis seeds for 25 years and has the experience to share…

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “can you recommend the best cannabis strain for indoor growing?” Well Paradise has over 35 varieties to choose from but here are 5 of the best feminized cannabis seed choices for great indoor grow results as recommended by our breeding team.

Top 5 Indoor Strains: The Paradise Seeds Recommendation

LA Amnesia – Sativa

This is one mean sativa which comes straight out of our Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Collection. It’s the result of our collaboration with the cannabis legend, Tommy Chong, and combines all the awesome power of Amnesia Haze and Kush genetics from the USA. The result is a sativa that is much easier to work with in a grow room, while not compromising on performance thanks to its Kush element. The payload is big buds too!
Check out the strain description here.
Check out the grow report here

White Berry – Indica

Not too big, not too short… Yes it sounds like a line straight from a fairy tale but White Berry has a reputation for being a model cannabis plant. It is certainly a favorite of indica connoisseurs who love its ‘complex’ effect which combines a more heady sativa effect with a classic indica body hit. A rewarding addition to an indoor set up, its medium size makes it popular with growers who are challenged for space.
Check out the strain description here.
Check out the grow report here.

Jacky White – Sativa

This classic sativa makes the list thanks to its hardy nature and low maintenance reputation. It will require bit of training to manage its desire to stretch, but its genetic stability and growth consistency is much prized by indoor cannabis growers who are sativa fans. A citrus taste and uplifting effect makes this a great all day user experience too.
Check out the strain description here.
Check out the grow report here.

Nebula – Hybrid (Sativa)

This is a classic Paradise Seeds strain – a sativa dominant hybrid that is a multi award winner and comes with a sweet and fruity taste and an effect that is heady and fun. It is just a great performer in the grow room and with good lighting will produce big! Thick stemmed with bushy side branches the buds are legendary – rock hard and trichome frosty.
Check out the strain description here.
Check out the grow report here.

Mendocino Skunk – Hybrid (Indica)

Another entry from the popular Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Collection, this indica dominant hybrid represents a combination of great cannabis genetics – California’s Emerald Triangle meets great Dutch genetics. Known for its stability, this is another medium sized plant that is ideal for a smaller space, while prolific bud growth and a quick finish time make it a popular grow choice.
Check out the strain description here.
Check out the grow report here.

Top 5 + a Bonus Strain!

Auto Kong 4 – Hybrid (Indica)

While feminized seeds are the cannabis seed of choice for most growers’ indoor grow setup, autoflowering varieties are an increasingly popular option thanks to the speedy flowering time and increasingly heavy yields. So our bonus recommendation on this Top 5 indoor strains list is Auto Kong 4. Why? It’s our newest auto release and the latest addition to our prized Tommy Chong’s Cannabis Collection (if it has the Tommy Chong sign of approval then you know you’re getting a quality plant!).Its trademark is big yields, high potency and incredibly sticky buds.
Check out the strain description here.

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