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Meet Canna Culturee Shop in Mexico | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

Meet Canna Culturee Shop in Mexico

What is the name of your shop?

Canna Culturee

Who are you?

My name is Héctor Muñoz and my professions are paramedical and nurse. I am also a cannabis activist and grower.

Where is it located (city region)?

Puebla, Puebla, México.

What’s the situation with cannabis in Mexico? (legality/current trends/interesting developments etc).

The recreational use of cannabis has now been decriminalized. By means of a sanitary authorization, it is possible to grow up to 6 plants at home. Its medicinal use is also authorized, and a law is being regulated to legalize its industrial use. Currently, in Mexico there are states of the republic where people are allowed to grow on their land without sanitary authorization and they are legislating in the national congress to be able to make a regulation based on human rights.

What is the history of your shop (when was it opened, why did you decide to open it, has it changed a lot over the years)?

My shop was opened on April 1, 2017 with the objective of being able to bring quality seeds and articles for self-cultivation to all of Mexico with the firm purpose of promoting the topic of self-cultivation, its extractions and a safe way of consumption.

What does your shop sell?

Substrates, pots, grow tents, lamps, nutrients and, of course, the seeds of Paradise Seeds.

What is interesting about the Paradise brand?

For the past year we’ve been bringing the seeds of Paradise all around Mexico. It’s been an adventure, an experience and an honor to represent in Mexico something so important from Europe.

Why do your customers like the brand?

Paradise Seeds was already known thanks to Alchimia web, since it was the way to acquire them through an online store in Spain and some people had already had the opportunity before to grow Paradise before decriminalization. People like very much to be able to grow stable varieties of a recognized seeds bank with the confidence of buying original packaging – elegant presentation and quality of the seeds.

Do you have a message for Paradise?

Yes, first of all I have to thank you for this long business relationship and I have to make it clear that I feel very fortunate to have a little piece of Paradise here in Mexico, and we are committed to continue bringing the best seeds from the European Union to all of Mexico in the most honest and safest way possible.

What are your web/social details?

¿Cuál es tu web y redes sociales?

Canna Culturee FACEBOOK

Canna Cuturee INSTAGRAM

Thank you for telling us some more about Canna Culturee and cannabis in Mexico!

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