Visiting the France’s King & Queen

What is the name of your shop?

We have 3 shops: 2 “King and Queen, Little Amsterdam” and the other Joker Growshop

Who are you?

We are the founders, Steph & Laëti aka King & Queen

Where is it located (city region) ?

We are the cicadas, the sun, a lot of sun and the blue sky of the Azure. We are located between Marseille and Nice, in La Garde and Bormes les Mimosas and also in the heart of green Provence, in Brignoles.

 What is the history of your shop (when was it opened, why did you decide to open it, has it changed a lot over the years)?

Driven by a passion for the flower and inspired by our favourite Dutch coffeeshop “the Jolly Joker”, we wanted to build our little “King & Queen” Kingdom. Our mission: to de-demonise the plant we love so much. We saw the rise of the CBD market as a way to restore the reputation of this much maligned plant. This CBD, which is wrapped in cotton wool, which relieves, soothes and makes certain pains bearable, will help us to do this. It is not in the red light district but rather next to the municipal bowling alley that our 1st Shop was born, ” King & Queen CBD & Seeds Shop “. That was on September 1, 2018. The beginning of a great adventure…

Two years later, we opened the Joker Growshop, the hidden card up our sleeve. And yes, the capital of the centre Var, Brignoles, was to have its growshop. Then in 2021, we opened a King and Queen corner, a few kilometres from St Tropez.

Through our travels in search of new knowledge, our path has crossed that of great names in the history of hemp that you may know: Luc Krol, the founder of Paradise Seeds and his team. Christopher Lynch, another Cannabis legend, the founder of the Californian seed bank, Compound Genetics . Mishka, the Grand Dame of Cannabis, William Texier and his wife Noucetta Kehdi, the pioneers of hydroponics, Mila Jansen, the Queen of Hash, one of the few female icons of the cannabis industry. Ed Rosenthal too. Horticulturist, author, publisher and cannabis grower, he is known for his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana use in the United States.

What does your shop sell?

Do you know the 3 in 1? A headshop, a seedshop and a growshop in one shop. Vaporizers, seeds, potting soil, CBD oil, whether you are a King and Queen or Joker, you will find what you are looking for.

How long have you been selling Paradise Seeds?

It’s been 4 years. 4 years that we are proud to wear the colours of one of the biggest Dutch seed banks and which invests in the medical field because as a former nurse, we wanted to be able to walk alongside a brand with the same values as us.

What is interesting about this brand?

Its notoriety! It is known throughout the world for its numerous victories in the cannabis cup.

Its proximity to us, its support, its presence at our side on the networks or during events.

The French catalogue which is a great sales tool for beginners.

Why do your customers like the brand?

For the stability of genetics. Because it’s Dutch. Because the yields are just outstanding Because they like to expand their collections with award winning varieties. Thanks to the medicinal varieties that Paradise offers, our customers, who sometimes suffer from serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer or fibromyalgia, appreciate being able to find varieties that can alleviate the symptoms of their illness.

Do you have a message for Paradise?

Thank you. Thank you for your confidence. We still have stars in our eyes from our meeting at Spannabis. We wish you many cups and that your little seeds shine all over the world.

Do you have any opinions/thoughts to share about the situation in your country?
It’s not easy in France… but we’ll say that as avid collectors, we don’t hesitate to share our passion and to campaign for the legalisation of Cannabis.

What are your web/social details?

King and Queen:


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