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New Paradise Strains: Breeding Background | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

New Paradise Strains: Breeding Background

“What makes a good cannabis strain?” is a question that is frequently asked and the answer is simple. A good cannabis strain is the result of stable cannabis genetics. March 2020 sees the biggest new strain release from Paradise Seeds for a couple of years. 

In this article, we take a closer look behind the scenes of these new varieties – with special commentary from Paradise Seeds founder and master breeder, Luc Krol. The new strains feature two indicas (Sunset Paradise and El Dorado OG) and one sativa (Rainbow Road). So what was the inspiration for these new cannabis strains?

Says Luc: “We wanted to expand the aromas and flavors of our collection by exploring interesting strains we have received from the USA,” explains Luc Krol who oversees the breeding program. He’s the founder of Paradise Seeds, which is one of the few cannabis seed companies to still be breeder owned. “The selection of the crosses has taken us almost two years and, in the case of the Rainbow Road, perhaps a little longer.” 

Paradise New Strain – Sunset Paradise

Sunset Paradise is Paradise’s version of the popular US exotic cannabis strain and is a great illustration of how the Paradise Seeds breeding process works. When Gelato first became popular two years ago, many cannabis seed versions appeared to materialize on the market practically overnight. However experienced growers will tell you to be wary of the quick copycat, and with good reason. If you want to bring a new dimension to an existing good cannabis strain, it takes time and a focused breeding program to do so.

So what’s the background? Luc explains: “Sunset Paradise is a variety in which we have focused primarily on the production of resin without neglecting the overall production. Taste and smell is something that we wanted to highlight, looking for something original. It is a variety covered with trichomes and the desire for ‘snowy buds’ was a key factor in the breeding process. The effect is relaxing yet clear, creative and quite long lasting. It is a variety with a distinctive flavor, one that is intense and lasts in your mouth for a long time.” 

Paradise Seeds New Strain – Rainbow Road

Perhaps the most interesting of the new Paradise Seeds March 2020 strain release is this new sativa offering. Rainbow Road comes with phenomenal test results with grow reports indicating huge harvest potential. This plant is a combination of old glory genetics in the form of classic Hindu Kush and a Strawberry sativa. 

From the Kush comes stable growth and a high resin content and from the Strawberry comes the full bodied berry flavour and uplifting effect. The lineage of this plant has created a real sativa monster which comes with the dial turned up on taste, effect (long last invigoration followed by smooth relaxation) and yield – all key ingredients for a good cannabis strain.

So what’s ‘under the hood’? According to Luc, “With Rainbow Road we wanted to create a fresh and fast flowering sativa with a different feel to the others – not haze or sweet but rather fruity and fresh. We crossed one of our favorite sativas with an indica variety to give an extra resin infusion. To change the nuances of the aromas we have used two unique varieties that have been in our library for many years.”

Paradise Seeds New Strain – El Dorado OG

The eye catching news about this new Paradise Seeds cannabis strain is its suitability as a daytime and night time companion – literally a 24 hour indica! The smooth relaxation essence of this plant is the product of a gene pool that has Kush at its heart with its combination of OG Kush and Thin Mint GSC.

El Dorado OG has a strong Californian element to it with both strains sharing a lineage that has roots on the West Coast of the USA (with a little bit of the Indian sub continent and the European continent thrown in for good measure!). In the Paradise Seeds breeding program the resinous nature of the Kush has been taken to new levels and the effect is a plant that has already earned the nickname ‘the trichome bomb’!      

What is the background breeding story to this new cannabis strain? “With El Dorado OG we set our sights on improving our best Kush by adding to the terpene profile and enhancing the range of aromas. We were looking to engineer a powerful resin producer, and this we have achieved through crossing it with genetics from the Paradise strain library.”

The three new seed strains can be sampled as part of a 420 limited edition collection box (available in 3 strain x 3seeds and 3 strain x 5 seed versions), available from March. El Dorado OG and Rainbow Road cannabis seeds can be purchased separately with Sunset Paradise getting a general release later this year.

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