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New Strains for March 2022! Glowstarz & White Noise | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

New Strains for March 2022! Glowstarz & White Noise

We love the sound of new seeds popping! This March we are adding 2 new strains to our library. We think you’re going to love the variety and exciting combination of high potency, full flavor, high yields and of course that rich resin count which Paradise strains are famous for!

So let’s meet the candidates ready to rock your grow space this 2022 season!…

White Noise: If you’ve never danced with the White Widow before, then this 2020s upgrade will open your eyes! Equally old Widow fans will enjoy the Cookies remix! She’s an 80% indica, White Widow x Paradise Space Cookies cross – a delicious mixture of old school Amsterdam coffeeshop flavors and Cali sweetness. She’s a delight to taste and the effect is a euphoric energy rush with deep-but-not-couch indica relaxation on the downswing. A great easy management plant in the grow room with an 8-9 week flowering time (early October outdoors).     

Order Glowstarz online now!

Glowstarz: Growers of all experiences will love growing this big yield flavorful hybrid (60/40 indica) strain which is a cross between Californian heavyweights SFV OG x Gelato 33. With her glowing trichome trail, Glowstarz will illuminate any grow space! Super versatile and very resistant she’s a dream to grow indoors and outdoor growing conditions, from extreme heat to cooler and wetter environments. This is a really fun plant for all setups, with an 8-9 week flowering time (or early October outdoors). 

Order White Noise online now!

Be one of the first to get these Paradise beauties into the grow space this March! You won’t regret it 😉

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