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New Strains! Mighty Caramba & Juicy Gulupa! 

We love the arrival of new strains in the Paradise library! This year we are getting off to an early start with the January release of two incredible new strains which are sure to bring a huge splash of wonderful aroma and inspiring colors to any cultivation set up launching in the next couple of months.

So what Paradise surprises do we have in store for you? Well both of these strains come with a strong exotic streak and weigh in heavy with their combination of high potency, big flavors and superb cultivation performance.

Caramba: Our first new strain for 2023 makes a big exclamation in the form of a Wappa x Gelato 33 cross which fuses Californian exotic genetics with those of a fast flower, big harvest Dutch powerhouse. The result is an incredible plant which is a potent 23% THC combination of pungent sweet citrus, strawberry and diesel. It produces a wonderfully uplifting effect which is creative and sociable and is a superb addition to Paradise’s Wappa family tree. Growers will love the fast finish (55 – 60 days indoors) and big yields.

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Gulupa: If you love big flavors then our second new strain for 2023 is just for you! This exotic is a Purple Kush x Gelato 33 cross which is a stunning beauty in the grow room and displays a unique and incredibly moreish flavor profile. It is a layer cake of taste textures with a hashy/earthy base with notes of berry, citrus, passion fruit freshness and hints of spice and mint. The effect which comes with its 20%+ THC levels is uplifting and relaxing, stirring creative thoughts which will channel the inner philosopher. The indoor finish time for Gulupa is 8 – 9 weeks.

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