Star Wars and the Cannabis Connection

May the Force be with you this month as around the world that most legendary of movie franchises, Star Wars gets celebrated on its own special day – May 4th. Over the years, most of us in the Paradise Seeds office have enjoyed lighting up our own special lightsaber to enjoy an evening in the company of the Star Wars crew. This month, we have asked our cannabis film specialist, Jasper Rascal, to seek out connections between Star Wars and cannabis.

Greetings my fellow padawans! The rebels from Planet Paradise have asked ‘is it true that cannabis influenced Star Wars?’ Before I start I would like to inform you that the following opinions are all my own! HOWEVER! It has long been my belief that Star Wars reflects cannabis culture in many ways – and I am not just talking about Yoda’s bong-smoking eyes! Let’s have a look:

1) Star Wars, Cannabis and Counter culture:

For those of us who have grown up on Star Wars it is often hard to see beyond our favourite scenes and characters. However, in the context of movie history, the original, released in 1977 widely reflects what counterculture at the time. Talking about his book How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, author Chris Taylor, tells the New Yorker magazine; “Star Wars is a piece with everything that was happening in the seventies, with the search for greater meaning that was happening at a societal level… There was a sense of, ‘let’s pull everything down, let’s find the basis upon which we can all agree, let’s figure out that all religions point to this or that.’ He suggests that the hippie ideals and the hallucinogenic quality of Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan series contributed to the film’s ‘spiritual’ element and that the film’s release came at a time when marijuana use amongst students was its peak.

2) Star Wars, Cannabis and Smoking culture:

As a cannabis smoker you have no doubt been forced to spend significant periods of your social life hanging out in dodgy places waiting for a dealer, or attended some pretty wild parties filled with colourful characters. So, of course, there will be elements of the famous Tatooine cantina, not to mention Jabba the Hut’s freaky palace, that you will recognize. Smokey, edgy, filled with renegades from the fringe of society – you get the picture! Plus, find me a cannabis smoker who has not attempted a Jedi mind trick when stopped by the cops with their stash in the car…

3) Star Wars, Cannabis and the Rebel Alliance:

Ok, so let’s look at some of the great rebel meeting points in the Star Wars series. Look around the room as the rebels prepare to launch an assault on the Death Star in both New Hope and Rogue One. You will see a rainbow coalition of different colors, sexes and even Goddam species! Cannabis culture is all about inclusion and every cannabis smoker knows what it feels like to be a rebel! Again, going back to the 1970s, when the Vietnam War was still a bad taste in many people’s mouths, some have suggested that the Empire was based on Nixon’s America, just as its imagery was influenced by the Nazi era. Watch this space, in these uncertain times, the Empire may well rise once more…

4) Star Wars, Cannabis and Paradise Seeds:

And just before I leave, let me throw a Paradise Seeds connection into this mix! Apart from master breeder, Paradise Luc (Master Luc!) there is of course the legendary powerful, flavorful Paradise Seeds indica Sensi Star – which is one half of the very popular Death Star strain which originated in the Mid West of the USA in the early 2000s.

May the 4th be with you!

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