Terpene Profiles: Spoetnik #1 and Wappa

One has been described as having a ‘sickly sweet’ aroma, while the other has been described as having a ‘dank skunky hash smell’. Two Paradise Seeds strains, two very unique scents. The first is Wappa, the second is Spoetnik #1.

The difference in smell is the result of the different combination of cannabis terpenes that make up the profile of each plant. In this article we will take a closer look at a handful of cannabis terpenes, by focusing on test results of these two Paradise Seeds varieties.

When people hear the word terpene, the first association is with smell (or taste). However, scientific research has shown that terpenes can fill more than this aesthetic sensory perception. Individual terpenes also produce specific effects for the rest of the body – from anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities to the relief of stress and anxiety.

So, let’s investigate in more detail, by looking at the dominant cannabis terpenes in the Wappa and Spoetnik #1 cannabis strains:

Cannabis Terpene Profile: Wappa

Smell: Sweet/Skunky/Strawberry

Wappa ticks many boxes for growers and consumers. It is easy to grow, produces a big yield, is quick to finish and the buds it produces are, in the words of one Paradise grower, “fresh and fruity, it’s wonderful strawberry/cherry bouquet is a pleasure to savor every day.”

As well as its juicy fruity aroma, the Wappa effect is often noted as being characterized by a happy sense of relaxation – an all day indica as opposed to a night time lights out occasion! The terpene profile of Wappa may well explain this effect.

The dominant terpene in Wappa is Myrcene. In terms of smell and taste, it comes from the spicy and earthy end of the spectrum. However, it is also known for carrying inherent stress relief qualities.

This is a characteristic that continues through the secondary and tertiary terpenes present in the Wappa plant; Carophyllene (another spicy element also found in hops, rosemary and cloves), and Linalool (the distinctive sweet and floral factor in the cannabis smell) are both associated with anti-stress and anxiety properties.

Interestingly, Carophyllene is notable because it is has been shown to bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the body just like classic cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

Terpene Percentages: Wappa

Cannabis Terpene Profile: Spoetnik #1

Smell: Grape/Metallic/Earthy

Spoetnik #1 is an extremely resinous old school Paradise Seeds strain that has been described by the Paradise grow team as, ” A red grape taste version of Sensi Star! The taste fills the mouth with grape and aged red wine but with a cool metallic hint, and the more the flower dries and cures, the more this metal hint emerges.”

Once called the ‘philosopher’s stone’, due to the contemplative nature of its effect, it provides a pleasant combination of uplift and relaxation which also makes it a favorite with medical users.

The primary terpene present in Spoetnik #1, according to test results, is Terpinolene (labeled ‘The Least-Common Common Terpene’ by Leafly). Its smell is more multi-dimensional than other terpenes and it is known to be a strong relaxant.

As the secondary terpene profile, a high percentage of spicy Caryophellene (see Wappa analysis) brings anti-stress qualities into the mix, and this particular terpene is also associated with pain relief.
The tertiary terpene present in Spoetnik #1 is Beta Pienene which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects, but is also noted for increasing focus and a sense of alertness in the mind.

The combination of these three terpenes, thus provides some scientific evidence to back up the anecdotal description of the Spoetnik #1 strain’s results when consumed.

Terpene percentages: Spoetnik #1


Terpenes for Dummies (and not so dummies!)

The terpene is definitely one of the cannabis buzzwords of the moment! The thing about buzz words is that they often arrive and everybody assumes that they are a new invention. But they are present in a range of plants and some insects and research suggests that they may actually be a form of language between organisms too.

The simple answer: Terpenes are organic compounds that are found in plants and influence taste and smell. They can make something attractive – for example terpenes present in a flower will attract a bee (just as the smell of a joint attracts a cannabis lover!). They can also make something repellent – research shows that ground beetles produce limonene (citrusy scent) as a defense mechanism against predators. They also have a role in temperature control – as this rises, plants produce more terpenes and their evaporation produces cool airflow.

The scientific answer: It is a biological molecule made up of multiples of the isoprene unit. They are secondary metabolites, meaning they are molecules produced by plant cells that do not play a direct role in cell growth processes, but have an ancillary role such as attracting pollinators or protecting from predators. They are formed via biosynthetic pathways; Monoterpenes, diterpenes and tetraterpenes are biosynthesized in plastids starting from glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate and from pyruvate, while other types of terpenes appear to be synthesized in the cytoplasm and have mevalonic acid as a common precursor.

These organic compounds of the cannabis plant have a synergistic effect when combined with cannabinoids (in the form of the entourage effect). We are still very much at the dawn of our understanding as to how these factors fully impact on our bodies and minds, but the possibilities of harnessing these unique powers are very exciting and with more research, science is sure to unlock more secrets regarding these organic compounds.

In the meantime, every cannabis aficionado will continue to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of enhanced smell and taste, and benefit from side effects that are beneficial for the human body in the process. By looking at the terpene profiles of particular plants, now more than ever it is possible to choose the right strain to consume (for taste, effect and needs) by using these specific terpene profile markers.

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