Twenty Five Years of Paradise!

It was the year that Friends was big on TV, Pulp Fiction was big at the movies, Oasis were big in music, Brazil won the World Cup in the USA and Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.
Meanwhile in Amsterdam, an underground cannabis breeder launched a new company…

The year was 1994, the new company was Paradise Seeds and that underground breeder was our founder, Luc! Twenty five years later our owner Luc is still breeding – 36 strains in the selection – and Paradise Seeds plants are growing across the planet!

We’re Celebrating… And you’re Invited!

So this year Paradise is celebrating and in the coming months the company is sharing its celebrations with the customers who have helped to make it one of the world’s most popular seed banks.

Leading up to the big 420 celebrations we have decided to reward every customer with a star. Not a gold star, but a great big powerful star that shimmers silver with its trichome coating! In February, March and April, every customer buying from our online store or your favorite authorized retailer gets a free Sensi Star seed.

You can read about this heavyweight cup winning strain that put Paradise on the map below, but first…

How it All Began

Twenty five years ago, the world was a different place and the world of weed was unrecognisable from the one we live in today! You had to travel to the origins of a landrace in order to get good weed and indoor growing was so new that growers had to use their imaginations (like ‘borrowed’ street light bulbs!).

At that time the weed in Europe was of a very bad quality, but Luc was driven by a passion (that still burns!) to produce better quality cannabis. He started by collecting seeds from cannabis travelers who passed through Amsterdam on their way back from weed hotspots around the world – the mountain slopes of Morocco, Pakistan and India and the jungles of Colombia, Brazil and Thailand – and started to cross these with new cannabis genetics being pioneered in the USA and Holland.

It wasn’t long before he established a reputation for growing amazing weed and it was at this point he decided to turn his passion into a business. The company’s first ad was in cult UK comic book, Viz, announcing ‘Parrot Seeds’ for sale and mail order customers could send cash in return for seeds!

Sensi Star – Paradise Has Landed!

It was in 1999, in a dramatic underdog story – think Rocky Balboa becoming world champ – that Paradise Seeds arrived with a strain that the cannabis world could not stop talking about. Sensi Star swept up the 1999 High Times and High Life Cups and its reputation was assured for eternity when it was labeled ‘The strongest indica you will ever encounter’.

When talking about this strain, it is common to hear it preceded by the term ‘legendary’ and this was recognized by its inclusion in the High Times Hall of Fame in 2007.
This plant grows small and fat and develops dense glistening buds that deliver an epic full body effect (scoring 100% on the relaxation scale according to world renowned cannabis information resource, Leafly).

Sensi Star has gone on to win many more awards and, nearly 20 years after its release is still one of Paradise’s best selling indica strains. It’s super powerful relaxation effects have made it popular with medical users and new generations of couch lock fans – who will also feel its force through strains such as Death Star and Rock Star with Sensi Star in the mix.

Birthday plans?….

Paradise will be celebrating our quarter century with new strain releases in the spring and we are especially excited about adding varieties to our CBD collection, which we are confident will blaze a trail for the next 25 years! We look forward to sharing our birthday celebrations with you this year!

Team Paradise

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