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What Cannabis Strains Are Good for Women

What Cannabis Strains Are Good for Women?

Are you a woman cannabis grower or consumer? If you are then you are not alone, as one of the more significant trends in the cannabis industry in recent times has been the increasing number of female cannabis users. One of the drivers of this upward trend is an increasing awareness of cannabis (and specifically CBD) wellness which has prompted the popularity of weed for women.

We are seeing increasing enquiries from females who are wanting to grow their own cannabis and an increasingly common question is “What cannabis strains are good for women?” Of course the answer to this question is, all our cannabis strains are good for women! There are no strains which are specific to one gender or another (at Paradise Seeds we have always looked for similarities, not differences!).

However, these questions tend to fall into two categories – varieties which provide easy management for novices who are new to growing cannabis and varieties with specific characteristics which may contribute to wellness or medical cannabis needs. In this article we are going to take a look at wellness/medical cannabis and recommend four cannabis strains that are good for women in this respect.

What Wellness Benefits Does Cannabis Bring?

Many women have tuned into the wellness benefits of a natural product which has specific medicinal qualities and also has the potential to deliver an antidote to the stresses of modern living. They may not be so conspicuous – a recent survey by Van der Pop revealed that over 60% of the females surveyed hid their cannabis consumption – but this is changing as attitudes towards cannabis wellness continue to become more mainstream.

The use of cannabis as an aid for medical conditions specific to women has been well documented and has precedents in history (famous matriarchs rumoured to have harnessed the power of the plant include Cleopatra and Britain’s Queen Victoria, who was prescribed medical cannabis to treat menstrual pain). More recently, medical cannabis use – or more specifically the use of CBD rich strains – has also been hailed as an effective treatment for menopause and in particular for the management of sleep disorders.

We have seen many more women buying cannabis seeds to grow for medical reasons too, either for themselves or for other family members. A common theme through customer enquiries about wellness and weed for women is the number of women cannabis growers who are new to the plant. Many will confess that they have never used cannabis recreationally, but have seen reports of its medicinal uses while researching medical treatments.

4 Recommended Strains Which Have Wellness Benefits

Durga Mata ll CBD, Feminized Seeds (Indica)
Nicknamed Mother Goddess, Durga Mata ll CBD cannabis seeds are the CBD rich version of a classic Paradise Seeds cannabis strain which was renowned for its medicinal potential long before CBD became popular. This version has been bred for levels of enhanced CBD and reduced THC. It’s a 1:1 strain that is ideal for the novice grower – stable, easy to manage and deeply relaxing in effect so good for pain relief – with a taste that has been compared to Turkish Delight!

CBDrelax™, Feminized Seeds (Hybrid)
Part of a 6 strong CBD rich range (released December 2020), this variety has one of the lowest THC contents of any Paradise Seeds strains (0.4% THC / 15% CBD). The result is a very Zen strain with a distinctive sweet and sour flavor, which has proved popular with those tuning in to a sense of deep relaxation without the psychoactive ‘noise’ which THC brings to the occasion. CBDrelax™ cannabis seeds are recommended as a great companion for mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation.

Nebula, Feminized Seeds (Hybrid)
This plant is a sativa dominant hybrid and a very popular plant with women growers who are looking for a more uplifting strain that brings some energy to the occasion. Well rounded and pleasant in effect, Nebula is also easy to grow and its distinctive honey sweetness is formed by a terpene profile characterized by Beta Pinene and Terpinolene.

Pandora, Autoflower, (Indica)
A classic strain, Pandora was one of Paradise Seeds’ first autoflowering plants and its deeply relaxing effect and ease of growth makes this plant very popular with first time medical growers. This plant also has many fans amongst growers who are looking for a plant to deliver relief from the stresses and anxieties of day to day. As an autoflower, it has a quick flowering cycle (ready to harvest after 10 weeks when grown from seed indoors. The terpenes Humulene and Caryophyllene contribute to its intense sweetness.

While these cannabis strains are good for women in regards to wellness, they are not suggested exclusively for women (as mentioned earlier in the article!). Paradise Seeds also recommends that any grower who is using the plant for wellness and medical cannabis benefits should do their research thoroughly.

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