Blue Gem

Blue Gem is a Blueberry x Gelato cross which combines cultivation versatility and resistance with enhanced terpenes and potency

indica sativa ratio

Indica: 50%

Sativa: 50%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 24%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Clear, Happy

  • Indoor

    100 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Blueberry, Lemon

  • Yield Time

    58 Days

Blueberry Upgrade… Blue Gem is a blueberry strain for the times with extra Cali refinement added to the recipe. The result is an upgraded classic which is versatile and resistant in the grow space and purrs with a potent sense of wellbeing in effect (24% THC / 1% CBG).

This strain fulfils a bit of unfinished business for Paradise, which has been looking to add to its Blueberry collection. Blue Gem picks up where White Berry left off, which will be big news to fans of the cup winning strain, with extra intensity and double down on flavor from the Gelato parent.

  • Blue Gem is a cross between Blueberry and Gelato 33. The mother is a selected Blueberry with an impressive genetic pedigree, which was chosen for its versatility and high levels of resistance. Incredibly well balanced and a superb allrounder, this strain retains its Blueberry identity with some exciting upgrades. The Gelato infusion brings extra resin as well as the intensity of the flavor.

  • If taste is your thing, then Blue Gem is going to be an essential addition to your dessert strain list! Incredibly flavorful in its own right, the addition of Gelato into the Blueberry mix activates new pathways in the flavor profile. The terps line-up is impressive, featuring Beta Caryophelene, Limonene, Guaiol, Alpha Humulene, Beta Myrcene at the fore.

    The result is an intensely sweet berry experience which extends from the grow room to the finished buds. While in flower the aroma isn’t too overpowering which is good news for those wishing a discrete experience. Once cured, buds have a creamy, berry sweet flavor.

  • Difficulty level: Easy

    Indoors: Blue Gem will be popular with growers of all abilities as it is a real easy management plant. It is a great recommendation for indoor growing due to its compact size and indica growth pattern, which produces a bushy plant with big flowers and thick stems.

    It’s super adaptable too which makes it good for training or growing in SCROG/SOG setups. The recommendation from the Paradise breeding team is to apical prune when the plant has grown four internodes to encourage branch growth and bud site development. For big plants, veg for at least three weeks before switching to flowering.

    Outdoors: The Blueberry lineage provides the outdoor grower with a rewarding cannabis cultivation experience. Traditionally Blueberry genetics are known for their high resilience to pests and mold, which is good news to every gardener working alongside nature.

    *As with all exotic strains, the flipside of more potency and flavor is that plants can be more susceptible to hermaphroditism when stressed. For this reason keep a close eye for pollen sacks on lower branches and use the above lollipop technique to stop any issue developing.

  • Blue Gem is a productive plant, providing a payload of big dense buds from its multi branches and in presentation they are very much indica-like in their form. This is a lovely plant to watch as it progresses to harvest time, with leaves displaying shades of red, pink and purple.

    By the time those big buds are ready to drop the Blue Gem plant resembles a rainbow, from fan to sugar leaves to flowers filled with shades of blue and green and lit up with flaming orange pistils. Dried they become hard nuggets that will leap from a bag with a candy-like quality.

    Indoor Yield: 500g per m²
    Outdoor Yield:  1000 g per plant

  • Recreational: Blue Gem is all about harmony, and its effect is a holistic connection between body and mind. The journey is very smooth and relaxing, the kind of happy strain which carries the day’s anxieties away. While it is a great preparation for a good night’s sleep it is not an overwhelming effect and leaves the consumer in control and able to function capably.

    Medical: The calming effect gives this strain pain and anxiety relief qualities which some medical users may find welcome. It is also a big appetite stimulator.     

  • Blue Gem cannabis seeds are suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L.. Plants will finish in mid October outdoors (n.L.) and after 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 500 grams per m² indoors / 1000 grams per plant outdoors.


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