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Citral x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Sweetopia is the go-to strain for taste and aroma connoisseurs. It delivers a mouth-watering terpene mix of citrus fruits, hash and gas.

Mostly Indica with THC levels of over 23%
8-9 weeks harvest with a Medium to High Yield


indica sativa ratio

Indica: 70%

Sativa: 30%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 24%





  • Neurologic-Effect


  • Indoor

    110 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell


  • Yield Time

    65 Days

Sweet Mary… We are going to be straight to the point with our description of Sweetopia.
The reason you will choose this exotic Cali strain is if you are a connoisseur who places taste and aroma at the top of your wish list.

Yes, this mostly indica plant is powerful (THC levels tip the scales at above 23%), yes it pumps resin as if its life depends on it and yes it is a great yielder. Nevertheless it is the smooth combination of fruit terpenes, bringing all the zing of a fresh fruit salad, which defines this extraordinarily tasty strain experience.


Sweetopia is a combination of two premium indica strains. The first is a selected Citral which is characterized by a citrusy profile undercut with a Kush hashiness. The second element in this cross is Thin Mint, a phenotype of the popular GSC (aka Girl Scout Cookies) which is known for its minty sweetness.

Aromas and Flavours

Sweetopia Dried Flower
Sweetopia Dried Flower

For those growers who love their terpenes, this is an exotic strain which will have the connoisseur’s nose twitching at its unique and extremely rich terpene profile. Expect the full spectrum of citrus scents to reveal themselves in the Sweetopia aroma which is alive with the tangy scent of lemons, limes and clementines.

The intensity of the terpene profile carries through to the taste. It begins with a citrusy tingle on the tongue which stimulates the salivary glands and causes the mouth to water. However there are further flavor layers to explore – a resinous hashy earthiness, fused with notes of gassy diesel and even a hint of red berries. The taste lingers satisfyingly in the mouth, much to the delight of the flavor connoisseur.


Sweetopia Cannabis plant with two branches displaying frosty flowers with a greenish to purplish color
Two branches of Sweetopia showing Frosty buds

Indoors: This is an indica which does nearly all its growing in the veg stage and very little stretching once it hits flowering. Consequently growers should aim to fill the grow space as much as possible before switching to 12/12. A bit of pruning is recommended to cultivate big buds along main branches.

The other tip from the Paradise breeding team is to be patient. This plant may appear to be ready before time, but letting it go the full 65 days will bring huge dividends, unlocking the full potential of its potency and terpene profile.

Outdoors: Sweetopia is a medium sized plant which behaves very much like a traditional indica and will fulfil its potential in Mediterranean and dry heat climates.
In cooler and more humid regions its short size and bushy structure means that attention to good air circulation is necessary.

Yield and Presentation

Close up of the Sweetopia Cannabis flower showing reddish pistils and milky-white trichome formations on the calyxes
Close up of the Sweetopia strain displaying its’ beautiful colors

Growers will observe that this plant displays some interesting characteristics when it comes to the formation of its super dense buds. An initial white coat (a sticky base formed by an abundance of resin) turns into a beautiful color show as flowers begin to mature. Wrapped in reds, pinks, ambers and yellows, with streaks of violet, this multi-colored candy effect is crying out for its own Instagram profile.

Indoor Yield: 600g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 900g per plant


Recreational: Despite its indica nature, the citrusy terpene profile produces a euphoric, energizing experience that is very sociable in low doses. For consumers wanting to unlock its couchlock potential, upping the dosage brings a deeper and heavier sense of relaxation.

Medical: Sweetopia may be popular with medical users who are seeking a more positive state of mood and an all-round relaxation effect.

Grow Stats

Sweetopia is good for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L. and finishes in early October outdoors (n.L.), while indoor finish time is 8 – 9 weeks.
Estimated yield is 600 g per m² indoors / 900 g per plant outdoors.


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