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When is the best time to grow cannabis seeds?

If you have an indoor grow setup, such as a grow room or grow tent, then you can grow cannabis seeds all year round. If you are growing outdoor cannabis then it really depends where in the world you live (cannabis seed guides will often refer to regional latitudes).

Each region, as well as climate conditions will produce different grow environments and provide distinctive challenges for the cannabis grower. As a rule, cannabis seeds are planted outside in May and harvested between September and the end of October in the Northern hemisphere (in the Southern hemisphere cannabis seeds are planted in September and harvested in March). Paradise Seeds has comprehensive guides to growing in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

Cannabis plants are notoriously versatile plants! For thousands of years they have grown wild in parts of Asia, Africa and South America. Feminized cannabis seeds will reward today’s outdoor cannabis grower with a rewarding yield in most regions of the world. If growing indoors, even the smallest area can be converted into a convenient grow space and there are plenty of grow tent products on the market to fit most spaces. For those growers with space restrictions, there are specific cannabis strains that are naturally shorter in height and autoflowering varieties will fit into the tiniest of spaces.

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