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Why has my plant stopped growing?

Just like any other plant, a healthy cannabis plant requires a balance of a suitable growing environment and good care. Specific cannabis strains may have different growth patterns – some will grow rapidly and then slow down, while others may start slower but accelerate their growth in later stages, so check the seed description and consult Paradise Seeds grow reports for growth characteristics.

If your plant has stopped growing, here are key questions to ask:

  • Is the soil you’re using sufficient? For example seedlings should be grown in a starter soil without additional nutrients.
  • Are your plants getting enough light? A giveaway sign that they are not is if seedlings grow ‘leggy’ (ie long skinny stems).
  • Has the plant received the right amount of nutrients? It is important to read nutrient guides carefully in order to avoid giving your cannabis plant too much or too little nutrients.
  • Are you overwatering your plant? Yes plants need water, but giving them too much can be as damaging for growth prospects as too little water. Overwatering will drown your roots and deprive them of oxygen.
  • Do you have pests? Pests and diseases can cause a plant to stop growing, so keep an eye on your plants for changes in colour or appearance which may indicate the presence of pests.

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