Blue Kush Berry
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Blue Kush Berry

From: 9.50

A combination of Kush and Shishkaberry. Tommy Chong’s choice of sweet tasting indica brings long lasting fruit power for ultimate relaxation delight.

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Calming, Stoned


500 Gr


800 Gr

Fruity, Sweet

58 Days

Mid October

Mid April

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The Choice of Legends (Indica)… Blue Kush Berry is a sweet indica that combines mighty Kush power with a deliciously fruity smell. A collaboration with Tommy Chong’s, Paradise Seeds has infused this popular strain with Dutch strength and vitality to produce a high quality performance plant. 

A quick finish time and a decent yielder, this plant is definitely an upgrade on the Kush variety – stabilized through the Paradise breeding program and a popular choice for indica lovers who have a nose for something special. 

Cannabis Lineage


The Hindu Kush region (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan) has given the world the ultimate indica landrace. For the Blue Kush Berry cannabis seed collaboration with cannabis legend, Tommy Chong, Paradise selected a classic Kush from its strain library. Add into the mix Shishkaberry (a quick finish and high yielding indica) and you have a delicious strain which will deliver sledgehammer power with a sweet berry taste. The exotic nature of this plant has also been praised, its aesthetic qualities making it a joy to view in the grow room.

Cannabis Aroma Flavour

Aromas and Flavours

There’s a good reason for the name, because this plant is all about the berries. As you would expect the dominant aroma is fruit with a terpene profile packed full of Nerolidol, Humulene and Myrcene. It will fill the grow room and the buds, once dried, will deliver a sweet berry taste as good as any dessert.

Cannabis Cultivation


Difficulty Level: Easy – Medium

Indoors: Like other Kush strains, this plant is characterized by low height and bushy growth. Expect the Blue Kush Berry to develop thick compact colas that will burst from the stem like shishka berries in a fantasy summer garden. Once harvest time approaches the color will turn, the buds blushing with shades of purple which will fill your grow room with the most delicious of aromas.

Thanks to its size, this is a great plant for the indoor grow setup, especially if you have height restrictions. The easy management of this cannabis plant makes it a great grow room companion and the blueberry tones will bring a pleasant (if pungent) aroma to its surroundings.

Outdoors: Blue Kush Berry cannabis seeds are also a great performer outside. Its Kush heritage makes this a sturdy no-nonsense plant that is suited to most gardens. Naturally it will respond to lots of sunshine but it will also do well in more northern regions of America and Europe. It is worth noting that the distinctive blueberry color can vary depending on climate.

Cannabis Indoor Yield

Yield and Presentation

Its firm big buds come with a thick trichome crust, with shades of purple and bright orange pistils. Buds are fat, compact and dense.

Indoor Yield: 500 g per m²
Outdoor Yield: 800g per plant outdoors

thc cannabis neurologic effect


Recreational: The ultimate in meditation and relaxation, Blue Kush Berry delivers a deep and long lasting full bodied indica effect, the perfect couch and TV ‘big night in’ companion that will also make demands on your refrigerator by the end of the evening.   

Medical: As well as the appetite stimulating aspect of this plant The indica potency of this strain makes it popular with medical growers who are looking for a cannabis plant with relaxation and pain numbing qualities.

Cannabis Grow Stats

Grow Stats

Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L./ 50º s.L, plants grown from Blue Kush Berry cannabis seeds are ready to harvest in mid October outdoors (n.L.) and between 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 500 g per m² indoors / 800g per plant outdoors.

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2 reviews for Blue Kush Berry

  1. Pride and Joy

    Absolutely pleased with the way this strain grew and the way the final product turned out. Very colorful dense bud’s full of great berry flavor and very nice relaxing buzz. (I took 2nd Best Indica today (3-18-18) at the Detroit Cannabis Cup with it. Thank you, Tommy Chong and Paradise Seeds)!

  2. Anonymous

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