Dutch Dragon

Award winning Dutch Dragon sativa with a tendency to grow large. Its huge harvest potential comes with an energetic uplifting effect and a real creative flow.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 25%

Sativa: 75%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 21%





  • Neurologic-Effect


  • Indoor

    130 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Fruity, Sweet

  • Yield Time

    65 Days

Sativa Beast… Dutch Dragon, an award winner and one of our original strains, continues to be a popular choice thanks to its big harvest potential.

This plant has its roots in the African continent, the original genetics travelling their way from Swaziland to Euroland a few years ago. A potent plant famed for its power, this fiery (but irie) sativa has been crossed with Dutch breeds to make it a reliable plant with a high reward count.

Strong and stretchy, in the tradition of a good sativas, and yet surprisingly bushy in its growth pattern, this is a high yield plant that likes to grow if you let it.

  • Dutch Dragon is one of the original Paradise Seeds strains developed in the 1990s (with some genetic tweaks a decade later). It’s a real powerhouse strain and a cosmopolitan mix of genetics from three continents.

    Under the hood is a raging African sativa engine, renowned for its fast acceleration in effect and sweet, citrusy flavor. To control its appetite for racing growth, Dutch Dragon also has mixed skunk and Indian parentage in the genetic melting pot.

  • In the grow room there is no disguising the Limonene / Caryophyllene terpene profile of this strain as the air becomes thick with the scent of sweet citrus during the flowering stage. Once dried the buds preserve their sweet and fruity flavour, with the citrus notes more subtle – like the taste of juicy tangerines rather than sour lemons.

  • Difficulty Level: Medium

    Indoors: The Dutch Dragon has its fans in the indoor growing community. Because of its natural tendency to reach for the light (artificial and natural), this beast may be a challenge if your growing space is height restricted, but is easily tamed with some training. If the indoor space is big enough to allow the beast to go for it, the result is fast and vigorous growth that yields very big.

    Outdoors: This is a great strain for the outdoor growing novice, especially for those gardening in the southern hemisphere. A Mediterranean climate and saturated sunshine are the right ingredients for plants to grow into mighty bushes (we have seen some as high as 3 meters). It’s in the genes! Outdoors, in the northern regions of the planet, the Dragon needs to be left until mid October before cutting down.

  • Dutch Dragon cannabis seeds produce a sativa plant that is renowned for its fat, long resinous buds which will swell significantly if left for an extra week or so during the flowering stage . As with many Paradise strains, the buds are surprisingly dense, gooey and super frosty with trichomes.

    Indoor Yield: 500 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 1000 g per plant

  • Recreational: Users looking for a high performance classic sativa can stop their search right here. Dutch Dragon is a classic both unpretentious and unapologetic in its embrace of traditional sativa qualities. It unleashes a highly charged bolt of energy that is uplifting and soars to the clouds on the dragon’s wings. A great strain for daytime use and also perfect for launching a night out on the town.

    Medical: The sativa uplift effect and accompanying boost of energy is favored by medical users who are seeking to lift dark clouds. Caryophyllene is also known for its pain relief properties.

  • Dutch Dragon cannabis seeds are suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., this plant is ready to harvest mid October outdoors (n.L.), and after 9 – 10 weeks indoors. Yields are excellent with 500 g per m² inside / 1000 g per plant outside.

8 reviews for Dutch Dragon

  1. Søren S. (Paradise Seeds)

    I ordered, you delivered, I plant them, they grow fine.
    Excelent and fast service!

  2. Paul (Paradise Seeds)

    Like all seeds from Paradise. Fresh seeds. Germination in 24 hours for most of them, 48 to 72 hours maximum as I received. One of my favorite strain because of terpenes and flavonoids combine to the cannabinoids of this strain give to me specials effects. Very good for medical and recreational use.

  3. Georg Fuhrberg (Paradise Seeds)


  4. Christian Beschnidt (Paradise Seeds)

    only 5 of 10 are comming

  5. Mike H. (Paradise Seeds)


  6. Joachim Baumann (Paradise Seeds)

    Ist jetzt 15 cm hoch !! Also im Wachstum !!

  7. Carl-Erik Johansen (Paradise Seeds)

    I have bought seeds now, so I’m ready when spring comes 🌴

    Image #1 from Carl-Erik Johansen
  8. Jop

    Big bud

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