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Grow Report: Tangerine Sorbet

Sweet Skunk reclothed in a glistening royal garment

Tangerine Sorbet is the Californian cousin of our famous Wappa. She’s a turbo charged, superfast finish, Cali racing machine a genetic cross between homegrown heritage (Wappa) and trend setting USA (Thin Mint Cookie). A superb all-rounder hybrid which leans a little to the indica side, she’s a little louder, a little more colorful – vivaciously tangerine sweet and peppery – and she packs an awesome punch too (+ 24% THC).  Respected test grower, The Doc, put them to the test.

Germination and Vegetative Stage

The Doc started with two feminised test beans out of which two healthy seedlings hatched and broke through the surface in less than three days. They showed great vigour – the propensity to grow quickly typical of Skunk genetics. When The Doc triggered the two Tangerine Sorbets into flowering after three weeks, they had spread out as multi-branch, medium compact plants standing 33 and 35 cm tall. 

Flowering Stage

Soon after the switch to 12/12, flower production went to full speed and led to the formation of bulky buds looking indica-dominant. In the course of blooming, 12 dense large-sized side buds gathered around a fat lofty central cola towering above them. Thanks to a vivacious stretching factor of about 2.5, the thus elongated branches were furnished with an impressive amount of buds, with even the lowest ones being chubbily compact and tight, there was hardly any loose small stuff. The smell was an intense fruit note reminiscent of oranges or tangerines. But under this olfactory fruit cap there’s a spicy odour layer shimmering through, expressing the strain’s Skunk heritage.

The eye candy displayed by those big juicy Buds became even more gorgeous in the second half of flowering, when the upper buds began to put on a majestic royal garment by turning purple red for the most part, particularly the leaves. After 64 and 66 flowering days, they measured 86 and 98 cm in height.


109 and 115 grams

Smell and Smoke Report

After a gentle curing process, the aroma now presented itself in a more differentiated way – while still being dominated by a sweet ‘n fruity note of tangerine, it revealed two distinguishable spicy side aspects – The Doc nosed a trace of old familiar blond Maroc hash and a dash of black pepper. They now had a blueish-red appearance which visually gave them that certain something. 

That special odour made The Doc’s mouth water when he set out to test-vape Tangerine Sorbet for the first time with his Crafty+ vaporizer. First he felt a surging feel-good mood boost that bathed his world of thought in a positive light, giving him that ‘every thing’s gonna be alright’ feeling. It wasn’t that sort of sativa-driven activating, pulsating or even propelling feeling of euphoria, but a mirthful yet sedate state of mental indica coziness that not long afterwards announced itself physically as well when a warm body melt trickled down his neck and spread through his whole body, providing deep muscle relaxation and limb looseness. At the same time, that blissful head feeling didn’t abate but together with the body melt fused into a wellness sensation of the highest order. Which, thanks to the strain’s tremendous THC count, lasted for more than two hours.


Tangerine Sorbet has proven to be a high-class addition to the Paradise strain collection that has enthralled me in any aspect. This fruity charismatic skunk cross in a trichome-glistening royal garment will win the hearts of many in no time!

Cultivation data: 

Genetics Tangerine Sorbet (Original Sweet Skunk x Cookie Fam Selection)
Vegetative stage three weeks (after germination)
Flowering stage 64 + 66 days 
Medium Plagron Grow Mix soil, 11 litre pots 
pH 6.2-6.6 
EC 1.2–1.8 mS
Light up to 7 x SANlight Q6W = 1505 watts
Temperature 19-28°C  
Air humidity 40-60%
Watering by hand
Fertilisation Organic Bloom Liquid + Organic More PK from Green Buzz Liquids
Additives/stimulants Living Organics, More Roots, Humin Säure Plus, Big Fruits, Fast Buds and Clean Fruits from Green Buzz Liquids
Tools CleanLight Pro for mould prevention
Height 86 + 98 cm
Yield 115 + 109 grams
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