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Growing Techniques for Big Buds in Small Spaces | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

Growing Techniques for Big Buds in Small Spaces

In recent years, more cannabis gardeners have started to think outside the box with their indoor growing methods. This is in part because of the emergence of LED lighting systems. Yes, there are still arguments about whether LEDs can deliver as effectively as high-pressure sodium lights and the issue is explored in our article Serious Buds with LEDs: Pipe Dream or Reality?

However, the efficiency and the temperature of LEDs has led to many growers experimenting with set ups that depart from the traditional grow room model. At Paradise Seeds we hear from many small scale growers who are getting inventive with limited grow space in their indoor set up.
Have you got a perfect small space grow? Get in touch. We’d love to hear what works for you!

So let’s look at 3 small space techniques that boost efficiency and yield – SOG, SCROG and LST

SOG – Sea of Green

SOG refers to an indoor grow method for marijuana called Sea of Green. It is a cannabis growing technique that efficiently maximizes space so that you have many cannabis plants growing in a small area. This means it is a great method for growing in small spaces, particularly if height is an issue – from grow tents to cupboards and even customized drawers! It is based on the principle that light which does not penetrate the canopy (ie top of the plant) is wasted, as it will have minimal impact on the lower branches. In the SOG method, a number of plants are grown close together and put into flower while the plants are still small (approximately 15 – 30 cm in height). They will grow fewer buds but these buds will be big and harvest much quicker, so the crop yield comes from having more smaller plants (which look like a sea of green…). Paradise Seeds cannabis varieties that are good for SOG include Allkush, Belladonna, Sensi Star and Ice Cream.

Growing Techniques for Big Buds in Small Spaces | 🥇 Paradise SeedsSCROG – Screen Of Green

SCROG is an indoor grow technique called Screen of Green. It is similar to the SOG method (ie concentrating the light exposure) and because a number of plants are grown within a small space. However, SCROG uses a ‘screen’ (usually a wire mesh or chicken wire) which is placed between the growing plants and the lights above. The plants grow up to the screen and buds are trained (basically pointed through the holes in the mesh) to force a uniform growth of buds. The best way to visualize this is to picture the plants growing like a lawn of buds (some lawn huh?!) instead of a rambling bush. Paradise Seeds strains that are good for SCROG include Original White Widow (IBL), Atomical Haze and Dutch Dragon.

LST – Low Stress Training

Low Stress Training (or LST) refers to a growing technique that exposes the lower branches to more light and increases the growth of buds on these branches (which are normally smaller than on the top branches). It involves taking the branches and bending them to encourage lateral growth. The bent branches are secured with strings or wires to keep the tension on the branches. The name of the technique (LST) comes from the fact that the tension is relatively light ensuring that the plants are not stressed by the process. With ‘training’ they will quickly adapt and begin to growing the way they are directed.

For more information, from growers who SOG, SCROG and LST, check out Paradise Seeds on the following forums for advice on how these alternative techniques could work for your indoor set up. (English) (Italian) (Spanish) (French)

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