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How To Improve Terpenes and Grow Tasty Weed Buds

How To Improve Terpenes and Grow Tasty Weed Buds

One of the best things about visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam, or a thriving social club in Barcelona is the flowers usually taste amazing. The flavor when lighting, the smoothness, and overall experience are what purveyors of the finest terpenes spend their lives searching for. How can we bring this kind of quality to the grow room? Resident grow expert, Stoney Tark investigates.

Why are terpenes so important to the cannabis taste?

Basically these are the essential oils that are present within the trichomes. When we harvest Cannabis plants and allow them to dry, the terpenes and essential oils left behind are what will determine the expression of flavor and the effect one may experience. Terpenes are responsible for all the smells you will encounter ranging in the following categories: floral, fruity, earthy, fuel, and gas.

In nature, there are believed to be over 40,000 terpenes that exist in plants and trees, and thanks to more research and analysis we are beginning to truly understand the relevance and important role terpenes play. When combined with other cannabinoids, the combination produces an entourage effect which has implications for recreational use as well as medicinal use.

Use Sugar Based Feeds to boost terpenes in a cannabis grow

Plants naturally produce sugars as a bi-product of photosynthesis, that later are sent to the root zone to stimulate microbial function and development. It is the sugars that will be converted into the carbon that feeds the beneficial fungi and bacteria that are present in the soil food web. These sugar based feeds can range from syrups, honey, and the most commonly used sugar based feed – unsulfured black strap molasses.

Top Tip: To grow tasty weed buds it is best to use unsulfured black strap molasses as it is very rich in minerals that are not present in honey.

Boost terpene profiles with beneficial microorganisms

If you have not used beneficial microorganisms inside your growing medium, then you are missing out on Nature’s little helpers. During the flowering period, these microscopic life forms will convert nutrients as the plant needs them, ensuring there is never a shortage of nutrients. Not only will they act as a bio-protector to dangerous pathogens and other diseases, they will also keep the root zone clean, healthy, and improve the final taste of your dried flowers.

Top Tip: Do not throw away your growing medium after harvest. The microbes and fungi network will be in great condition and should be reused for the next cycle.

Use aerated compost teas to grow tasty cannabis buds

This is one of the easiest ways to take your organic growing to the next level and grow tasty weed buds, as well as giving the growing medium a bio-stimulant. By aerating a nutrient solution for a 24-hour period, you will ensure there are high numbers of beneficial microorganisms inside, as well as supplying the relevant nutrients. A popular choice amongst many outdoor growers in the USA is to use bat guano and unsulfured black strap molasses for the ultimate flavor enhancer.

Top Tip: It is best to leave the tea to aerate for a minimum 24-hour period, as this is the time it takes for the bacteria and fungi present to multiply from millions into billions, the perfect ingredient to produce tasty weed buds!

Introduce enzymes for healthy cannabis flowers

Enzymes are a fantastic way of breaking down substrates and are widely used to clean ponds, and industrial dishwashers. They contribute to the overall health of the plant, ensuring a healthy root system which will improve the quality and flavor of the buds produced. Generally plant enzymes will come in bottle form as a liquid that are designed to be mixed with other nutrients, or at a high ratio of 20ml per litre during the final flush. Enzymes will make roots bright white and shiny, and are also an excellent way to fight off root rot.

Top Tip: It is a good idea to buy different enzymes from various brands and to combine them. The more enzymes you can find from different sources the better.

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