New Auto Weed Strains! Introducing Stromboli Auto & Lemonade Auto

Paradise Seeds loves a new strain release and this month we are very happy to be adding two high performance auto weed strains to our collection in the form of Stromboli Auto and

Lemonade Auto. Full descriptions are available on the website, but here’s a summary of what you can expect from these high performance plants!

New auto weed strain for Spring! Stromboli Auto

Stromboli Auto: Named after the Stromboli volcano found in the Mediterranean, this is an incredibly powerful autoflowering plant, exploding with high THC (20%+). In its genes are a selection of Afghani landraces and a unique sativa leaning phenotype of GG4 (Gorilla Glue). One of the more potent autos you will plant this summer, this hybrid is also one of the biggest yielders (550g per m² indoors and 150 g per plant outdoors)! Expect an explosion of  big dense buds that are crystal white and covered in fiery red pistils! It takes 10 – 11 weeks to finish from seed to flower.

New auto weed strain for Spring! Lemonade Auto

Lemonade Auto: Do you love your flavors? Well this is the plant for you! Lemonade Auto is one big juicy fruit bowl full of terpenes with a rich stream of citrus flowing through its core. There is an intense tangerine/orange sweetness which comes from Paradise’s Tangerine Sorbet, while a sour counter balance comes from the other parent, a pungent Lemon Skunk. The result is an awesome tasting plant! Sativa fans will also love the potent (20%+ THC) but clear, creative and uplifting effect which accompanies the superb taste. After 10 – 11 weeks from planting, your mouth will be watering as you pick the sweet citrus buds off this plant!

Why Auto weed strains are perfect for outdoor cannabis cultivation

We have seen interest in auto cannabis seeds go crazy in recent times and for good reason! Autos are the perfect solution for so many grow spaces, but their versatility and quick flowering time makes them a particular favorite of outdoor weed growers. Auto cannabis seeds are particularly popular with outdoor growers who want to make the most of a short summer grow season (for example in more northern regions where it is essential to maximize the strength of the midsummer sun). They are also popular with weed lovers who have limited spaces to grow such as terraces or balconies. We have even seen examples of autos being kept as exotic house plants!

As always, Paradise has some excellent grow tips to help cultivators make the most of their auto cannabis seeds and a browse of our GrowTips section of the blog will reveal some useful articles to help beginners out on their autoflowering journey. Examples include advice on how early you can plant autos outside and how to make the most of outdoor autos .

Growers new to autos are often curious to know what makes them so different to photoperiod plants (ie normal feminized seeds which flower when the hours of light decrease). The answer lies in the genetics which include the genes of a small cannabis plant (known as cannabis ruderalis ),which grows naturally in northern regions as high as the Arctic Circle, and has adapted to flower regardless of light hours. It’s this rocket fuelled growth which gives autos their characteristic finish within 3 months (and often less) of planting.

The two new autos – Stromboli Auto and Lemonade Auto – released this Spring will provide growers with a rewarding experience, with stand out qualities to choose from including high yield potential, high THC and  interesting terpene profiles which ensure an aromatic and flavorful consumer experience. And finally, as if we need to say it again!, auto cannabis seeds grow super quick plants, which means that successional sowing in the coming months will guarantee more than one crop over the coming Summer and Autumn.

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