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Compound Genetics in Europe

Compound Genetics in Europe

A partnership with Paradise Seeds has signalled a new era for Compound Genetics in Europe. The Californian cannabis genetics company has become a by-word for premium weed strains in the USA since its launch in 2017 and the team up with one of Amsterdam’s original pioneering seed companies will cause many mouths to start watering amongst European cannabis connoisseurs.

Aficionados in Europe will definitely be aware of the premium weed strains which have put Compound on the map; Jet Fuel Gelato, Apple and Bananas, Jokerz 31, Pavé, and Grape Gas. Their motto is Flavors By Design and it’s this passion that has taken terpenes to new levels in the Compound range, leading to high profile collaborations with the likes of Cookies and Runtz. For this reason the Compound Genetics and Paradise Seeds partnership will bring the brand to its European fanbase.

Compound Genetics in Europe: The background story

So what is the story behind Compound Genetics and how did the company stand out from the crowd in such a short time? In many ways this underdog story is similar to that of Paradise Seeds, who seemingly came out of nowhere to grab the spotlight with their break out strain Sensi Star several years ago. Nevertheless, as with every ‘overnight’ sensation there are plenty of years of dedication, hard work, setbacks and sacrifices on the path to success!

Chris Lynch is the founder of Compound the chief breeder responsible for producing the company’s ground breaking genetics. He grew up in Oregon, which was one of the first US states to legalize cannabis in 2015 . Following a couple of years hanging out and absorbing cannabis culture in Amsterdam in the mid 2000s, Chris returned to his home state and embarked on his cultivation journey, which included working in medical marijuana grow houses where, according to a High Design documentary , he “ate, slept and breathed cannabis cultivation”.

Meanwhile he was building up a collection of high quality weed genetics. He told Leaf magazine in an interview, “I was lucky to have access to the best cuts from the get-go,” Lynch said. “Back then it was kind of more about who you knew.” In 2014 he launched a cannabis seed brand – Tiger Trees – and first began formulating his ‘flavors by design’ ethos.

The launching of Compound Genetics

After a few setbacks Tiger Trees was re-launched as Compound Genetics in 2017, and Chris’ cultivation knowledge and honed breeding skills led to a meeting with the influential cannabis collective, Jungle Boys. Two years later, subsequent hook ups in the scene and a move to San Francisco resulted in official partnerships with Cookies and Runtz, two brands which have emerged as market leaders in an industry which has rocketed to new heights as numerous states in the USA raced to legalize weed.

Since the adult-use market opened in California in January 2018, Cali strains have caught the imagination of weed consumers at home and abroad, and Compound Genetics has been riding that wave (as well as creating new ones!). The company has designed a number of strains for the Cookies brand including A pples and Bananas, Laughing Gas, Big Face, and Pavé, contributing to Compound’s widespread notoriety and acclaim.

Compound Genetics in Europe. What’s the hype?

So what to expect from Compound Genetics in Europe? Compound’s ‘rigorous pheno hunting’ process (overseen by Chris), focuses on outlier plants in selections at their Node Labs breeding facility in California. Choosing phenos which display unique profiles for further exploration, the this process which provides the building blocks to enhance flavors. It’s this emphasis on terpenes rather than THC levels, which has made the company stand out and get noticed. Compound also employs  a practice made popular by premium clothing brands, such as Supreme, with limited edition product ‘drops’ which generate hype for strains which cease to be available once ‘drop’ stocks have run out.

The Compound Genetics and Paradise Seeds partnership will bring some of the company’s most sought after strains to Europe. These will be available through Paradise Seeds sales channels – online and through retail distribution networks. It’s an exciting development which joins up two of the biggest names in American and European weed genetics innovation.

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