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New Year Health and Weed? Seriously! | 🥇 Paradise Seeds

New Year Health and Weed? Seriously!

If you love your cannabis then you will probably know the feeling that comes along every so often of being ‘smoked out’! This is particularly true at this time of year having dedicated a large chunk of December to the party gods – peaking around the time the clock struck time on 2019…

Feel the need to hit the refresh button? While there are those January warriors who will stop everything and sign themselves up to extreme pain and punishment in the gym there are plenty of people combining health and weed and using CBD is now widely recommended for pain relief and may even be good for the heart.

We are all used to the couch potato jokes but there is research to suggest that obesity rates are significantly lower in cannabis users and that cannabinoids may have a role in preventing diabetes. Endurance athletes have talked about the effectiveness of cannabis for reducing muscle pain and getting into the zone.

In the USA cannabis gyms and yoga sessions are becoming a thing in states where weed is legal, applying some of this cannabis science to the process of boosting health. Paradise Seeds has experience in this topic of course with our sponsorship of one of the world’s biggest cannabis sporting events, the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour and the 420 Games in the USA has become popular.

So how can you get fit this new year while keeping up a healthy relationship with your faithful partner Mary Jane? Here are some cannabis inspired tips for a healthier you.

1) Health and Weed? Smoke Less!

Yes it’s kind of obvious, but the first step to boosting your body is to stop putting so much smoke inside it. The worst kind of smoke you can be ingesting is tobacco which contains 6,000 chemicals with obvious bad consequences for health. In Europe it is common to mix cannabis and tobacco, but if you want to give your respiratory system a New Year gift, take a tip from our North American cousins and ditch the ‘baccy.

Smoking your weed pure is good, but health and weed benefits are improved by vaping! A cannabis vape heats the weed to a high temperature which releases all the beneficial compounds without the toxic by-products that exist when your herb goes through the combustion process of smoking it.

Top Tip: If you’re a heavy smoker and new to vaping, put something more potent in the vape as the effect is lighter. 

2) Combine cannabis and sport

Why punish yourself like a Spartan when you can take a (green) leaf from the canna-athlete’s book and, combining health and weed, bring a little pleasure to the pain. Forget downloading a fitness app like Strava that will only make you stressed when you realise your personal best is worse than the 13 year old kid that lives on your block. Instead take a couple of hits on a vape or a toke of pure and get into the weed and health groove…

So if you don’t do a sport or a type of fitness, then start! The biggest obstacle to getting fit is placing obstacles in your way (‘I need to start swimming…’ ‘I’m going to the gym…’). Just start already! Hop on a bike, go for a jog, hit the floor and do some squats, push ups, sit ups. All these things are free, all these things you can do from home, and all these things will start you on a road to better fitness!
Top tip: Combine sport with an energizing Sativa (an Indica will send you diving for the couch!). From the Paradise vault this could be Nebula or Jacky White or Atomical Haze

3) For Better Weed and Health Effects: Grow Your Own

So what are you going to put in that vape (or at the least, neat weed joint or pipe). If you buy any legal consumer product you have at least some idea that it is safe for you to consume. If you buy from the black market you have no idea where it comes from and therefore no idea how safe it is to consume.

At Paradise Seeds we always recommend to always get high on your own supply and grow your own (organically of course!).Being able to consume this way is better for your health and weed tastes so much better when it comes from your own garden (inside or out!).

Top Tip: If you’re new to growing your own, start with a beginner friendly strain such as Wappa or Original White Widow or Durga Mata

New Year. New You. Same Cannabis. Just do it!

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