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Paradise Test Field: 2019 Season

It’s a special feeling standing in a field under a warm sun, the air rich with the scent of terpenes, surrounded on all sides by cannabis plants that are so tall the people below them are literally standing in their shade. Welcome to the Paradise Seeds Test Field…

In a new series of 10 videos, which will appear across our social media channels, Paradise Seeds is revealing the astonishing visual results of cultivation research, conducted over the season in a Paradise Seeds Test Field at a secret location in Spain. In the Spring of 2019, a collection of Paradise Seeds strains were planted in the soil as young seedlings including the varieties featured in the videos – Wappa, Sensi Star, Delahaze, Ice Cream, Durga Mata ll CBD, Nebula ll CBD and Lucid Bolt.

Test Field 2019: The Results

Harvest time came in the last two weeks of October and the results, as these videos reveal, were impressive. The proof of the power of Paradise genetics can be seen in the footage of these giants – big in height, big in width and big in yield (and remember there was minimal nurturing along the way). So here are some juicy facts and observations from the test field crew: 

– The giant amongst giants!: Delahaze really cemented its reputation as a super sativa, reaching a height of nearly 3 meters (and nearly as wide) and delivering a payload of 2.1 kg in bud!

– Huge yields: Aside from Delahaze, three of Paradise Seeds’ top selling indicas were also enormous in growth, producing stems as thick as a man’s arm and weighing in big on the scales  – Ice Cream (1.4 kg harvest yield), Sensi Star (1.9 kg harvest yield) and Lucid Bolt (1.8 kg).   

– Surprise Package: Lucid Bolt is a newer generation Paradise strain (indica) which doesn’t get as much attention as  it should. However, in the field it showed its true potential – super tall growth with luscious growth and giant buds like green emeralds (1.8 kg yield). 

– Cola Count: What really impressed in this outdoor grow was the size of the colas which could compete with any indoor grown plants; top colas on all plants of 30 – 35cm (in the case of Sensi Star, 50 – 60 main colas),  fat as giant’s fingers and glistening with trichomes.     

– Terpenes galore: Like the smell of vanilla ice cream? Well the smell of over a kilo of Ice Cream bud takes vanilla essence to the next level! The intense smell and taste of mango (Delahaze) and lemon/lime/metal pungency (Sensi Star), reinforced the rich sensory reputation of Paradise strains with an off the chart terpene count from these plants. 

– Old school genetics still got it: Yes there are new genetics out there producing some phenomenal strains but, just like a classic car, there is much to be said for heritage strains which ooze quality. With Paradise that’s what you’re buying – no-nonsense strains that deliver stunning results in all environments.

Take a trip to the valley of the giants and check out our Paradise Seeds Test Field videos on our social network channels!

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Test Field Outdoor Grow: The Method

As a seed bank Paradise Seeds has always looked to push the boundaries in terms of breeding stable high performance plants and over the years we have been at the forefront of developments in feminization, autoflowering and CBD rich genetics. A key component of our R+D program is the continual testing of our strains in indoor and outdoor environments, to measure plants’ capabilities and compare them to other strains on the market.

Paradise Seeds strains are a big fan of the Mediterranean growing environment; and some of the biggest specimens we have recorded have been thanks to the power of the sun that shines through the growing season. It’s the perfect environment to show just what our plants can do. So sure enough, when the harvest came, the results of our test field grow were pretty spectacular. As one of the Paradise grow team said, “the plants were literally driving for the sky!”

In an outdoor environment, there is nowhere to hide for plant. It is at the mercy of Mother Nature – from changes in the weather (in the case of the 2019 season this included periods of drought and high winds) and pests (bugs and fungus). For the purpose of the Paradise Seeds Test Field project the plants were grown organically, fertilized with cow manure and pretty much left alone to do their thing. Checked once a week the only supplements they received was a solution made from the plants Aloe Vera and Horsetail (which is rich in silica), given towards the end of their life to maintain good health.

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