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Perfect Hybrid: Wappa Strain Story

Perfect Hybrid: Wappa Strain Story

There are many weed strains in the Paradise Seeds catalog which show special qualities, but there is one whose popularity has only got bigger as the years have gone on. So let’s take a look at the history of the Wappa strain – Paradise Seeds’ “perfect hybrid” (60% Indica / 40% Sativa), which has a Sweet Skunk foundations.

Fans of Wappa range from beginner growers, for whom this plant provides the gift of easy management and satisfying rewards, to experienced cultivators (and commercial producers) who love the stability of this plant and the big bud, big yield potential it provides.

This strain is very well known in Europe where it is prized for its excellent qualities across all departments.  From the day these hybrid cannabis seeds are planted in their pots to the day the buds are harvested, Wappa plants are the ideal grow room companions! In 2021, Paradise Seeds introduced Tangerine Sorbet . Described as Wappa’s American cousin, its mix of Wappa and Thin Mint Cookies genetics takes the original to a whole different level!

Wappa hybrid cannabis seeds 

Wappa was first released by Paradise Seeds in the late 2000s as part of a new collection of hybrid strains . Interestingly, the popularity of this weed strain took a little while to establish and for the first couple of years had quite a low profile. However, Wappa hybrid cannabis seeds soon benefited from word of mouth as growers began exchanging tales about its superb qualities.

Wappa cannabis strain special qualities 

So why is Wappa so special? “From the start I had a feeling this plant was going to be a hit,” says Luc Krol, Paradise Seeds founder and Wappa’s breeder. “The overall character of the plant was just so strong. It was one of a new series of strains Paradise Seeds was releasing and I was really interested in exploring the potential of hybrids. From a breeder’s perspective they were very attractive because they allow you to really accentuate the strengths of individual sativa and indica genetics and produce a magnificent all-rounder.  Wappa just came through the breeding process with such strength and vigor.”

In the grow room this means a plant that develops a nice bushy shape with big flowers forming on tiny stems. Often, the buds grow so fat that some branch support is needed in later growth stages to help support the weight. Mostly grown in the classic Christmas tree form, Wappa nevertheless responds well to Scrogging. “Taking out the middle stem will cause the offshoots to rapidly fill out and Wappa will quickly cover the space with lots of flowers and fewer leaves.”

What is the Wappa Effect?

Once harvested and cured, Wappa is notable for its strong but uplifting effect, bringing relaxation for body and mind alike, which also makes it a popular medical strain. Another defining characteristic is  its incredibly sweet and fruity flavor. When breeding Wappa, Luc was keen to enhance the sweetness of this plant and very satisfied when he achieved it.

“I remember walking into a party with a bag of Wappa soon after it was released, “ says Luc. “It was such a lovely scent, so sweet, so fruity, and everybody just kind of stopped what they were doing and started to sniff the air. It was as if the fragrance lifted the atmosphere of the whole room. I remember thinking at the time, ‘oh yeah, that’s the Wappa effect!’).

Wappa Grow Report Info

The Wappa effect is very much alive and kicking all these years later! Check out the Wappa weed strain grow report (also available in autoflower format as Auto Wappa).

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