Belladonna a quick harvest time and an uplifting sativa, this adaptable phenotype brings easy to grow management with a result that is creative and perspective changing.

(9 customer reviews)
indica sativa ratio

Indica: 40%

Sativa: 60%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 22%





  • Neurologic-Effect


  • Indoor

    130 cm
    400 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Fruity, Pungent

  • Yield Time

    60 Days

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Sultry Sativa … Belladonna is one of our original old school strains. This classic plant is a multi award winner and is as popular now as when we introduced it 15 years ago thanks to a quick harvest time combined with classic sativa energy .

When we released it at the end of the Nineties it quickly became an overnight classic with growers in the USA, Spain and the Netherlands due to its commercial potential and outstanding forum reviews. It is a versatile plant that will adapt effectively well to most environments and repay the grower with a combination of strength and yield

  • Belladonna – literally translated as ‘beautiful lady’ is a cross between Super Skunk – the famous Dutch strain which set the benchmark in the 1980s/1990s – and a potent male Malawi sativa (F1 hybrid) from the Paradise Seeds library. The result is a plant that is predominantly sativa but also comes with a significant indica influence – producing a unique long lasting and very powerful effect.

  • The resin coated buds that Belladonna delivers come with a heavy coating of trichomes, producing a plant that is beautiful to look at and fruity to taste, with a distinctive sweetness that comes to the forefront once the buds have been dried.

  • Difficulty Level: Medium

    Indoors : A great plant to grow, Belladonna continues to be a popular choice with indoor growers with a flowering time of approximately 9 weeks. The ease of management and characteristic low maintenance makes it a good plant for beginners seeking an upful harvest and keeps old school growers coming back for more too. The buds are tight and the foliage is reduced, giving this strain a good natural defense against mold and fungi. Belladonna is particularly recommended for growers with SOG set ups (Sea Of Green).

    Outdoors : This sultry sativa remains the seed of choice with many outdoor growers in both northern and southern regions. It does very well in warmer climates where the sun fuels healthy growth, and was super popular when the outdoor growing revolution came to Spain in the 1990s. As this plant has been bred to be mold resistant, it is also a great bet (and a popular one) with sativa inspired gardeners in countries in northern and more temperate regions where Autumn brings more unpredictable weather.

  • The buds of Belladonna are not the biggest but they are numerous, dense and fat, distinguished by orange buds (the high calyx-to-leaf ratio is a welcome aspect when it comes to harvest time).

    Indoor Yield: 450 g/M²
    Outdoor Yield: 800g per plant

  • Recreational: The Belladonna cannabis seed produces a nicely balanced plant. The initial sativa effect is one of heady euphoria and uplifting energy, but the indica relaxation also comes into play as time passes, resulting in a long lasting effect. Belladonna is also known for having a more mind expanding effect than many strains. This makes it a popular choice for creativity and seeing a shifted view of the world, however it is not recommended for use by those who are prone to anxiety.

    Medical: Belladonna is not the best recommendation for medical users although there will be aspects that users will find therapeutic.

  • Belladonna cannabis seeds are suitable for growing outside in regions between 55º n.L. and 55º s.L., Belladonna ready to harvest by mid October outdoors (n.L.) and between 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 450 g per m² indoors / 800g per plant outdoors.

Perfect Hybrid. Deadly Beauty

Belladonna is a balanced hybrid (60% sativa / 40% indica) which can be described as a real old school Paradise Seeds classic. One of the company’s original strains it has won numerous cups and awards over the years thanks to its excellent flavours and an uplifting effect that borders on the conscious shifting.

The product of crossing the Dutch classic Super Skunk with a potent Malawi sativa, Belladonna has a flowering period of 60 days (and is ready in mid October outdoors) and its estimated yield is 500g per m² indoors / 1000g per plant outdoors. While this plant is a good recommendation for growers in all regions (with great resistance to mold), this grow report follows an indoor grow by Mr Planter.

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Five original Belladonna seeds germinated very homogeneously and without fail. An Osram Planta-T (600 Watts) served as a light source that, in addition to the ten Belladonnas, also illuminated ten plants of another variety. Ten days after germination, Mr. Power Planter transplanted the young seedlings to six litre pots filled with a good soil mix from the local growshop.

The Belladonnas turned out to be indica dominant in terms of growth, the plants were very short and compact. However, they exhibited stronger side branching than a typical indica, and also the leaves were much narrower than for example those classic wide Afghani leaves. The plants were growing with quite a good uniformity, there were no big differences in height and width.

Flowering Stage

Four weeks after germination, Mr. Power Planter induced flowering (by switching from 18 to 12 hours of light). The female Belladonnas, exempt from one slightly taller lady (75 cm), had reached an almost identical height of only 60-65 cm when harvest time came after 55 to 60 days – which was exactly the time period stated in the Paradise catalogue.

So the five Belladonnas combined a moderate flowering time with a short height, bushy growth, and, best of it all, excellent buds. They were tight, broad and very resinous, also having a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio, with lots of small, closely packed calyxes and orange hairs.

Harvest Yield

Yield: 21/23/23/25/32 grams

Smell and Smoke Report

Their smell was sweet`n fruity, a pleasure to the nose. The plants yielded an average of 25 grams, well satisfying for such small plants grown from seed. Both trippy sativa and stony indica effects were perceived when smoking the dried buds. So the high was complex and strong, lasting for a long time. The Belladonna flowers had a sweet full-bodied flavour that was very tasty, although having lost that fruity note after the drying process.


Belladonna is a rewarding strain that gave a good performance in Mr. Power Planter`s test grow. Apart from its look and nature, also the price of Belladonna is very nice. Truly an attractive lady in any respect…

Cultivation data:

Genetics Belladonna (40% indica / 60% sativa)
Vegetative stage 28 days
Flowering stage 55-60 days
Medium Plagron Standard Mix soil
pH 6.2-6.8
EC up to 2.0 mS
Light 600 W HPS Osram Planta-T
Temperature Night 18 °C
Day: 24-28 °C
Air humidity Max. 60 % in the flowering stage
Watering By hand
Fertilization Veg: House & Garden A + B
Flower: House & Garden A + B, PK 13+14 in week 6
Additives/stimulants “Exelent Explosief” Bloom-Stimulator
Height 60/60/65/65/75 cm
Yield 21/23/23/25/32 grams

9 reviews for Belladonna

  1. Joachim Baumann (Paradise Seeds)

    Das gleiche wie bei durch Dragon !!

  2. Lee W. (Paradise Seeds)

    Lovely my favourite

  3. Sebastian Ueberschär (Paradise Seeds)

    Die Ware kam sehr gut an. Ich bin gespannt auf die Pflanzen. Danke sehr.

  4. slickwilly

    an indica pattern with an exquisite taste and sativa high!!
    I love it and grown early, can yeild up to 3 pounds of primo buds. big up Paradise

  5. Hell N

    It’s my favorite!!!!!

  6. Rodia

    Hi. I my quest to reaching every aspects of cannabis learning experiences , i ad the chance to work a few crop of Belladonna.

    Beside an extremely surprizing potent high and a perfect plant for s.o.g. the Belladonna is an easy to grow, beautifull skunk weed.

  7. Mithrandir420

    I have the same problem as phily… it’s always out of stock! This is a fantastic strain. I don’t know why Paradise doesn’t produce more seeds. I hope they didn’t lose their genetic stock!

    Come on Paradise! Make more Belladonna! The Southern California medical users would benefit greatly from Belladonna.

    I found that my 10 seeds all germinated without issue and at the same rate. Growth was uniform, preflowers were easily visible when they showed. Cloned easily using Olivia’s gel and rockwool. Plants are short with little stretching during flowering. I ran them in a SOG under 1000w per 3×3 ebb and flow table. Hydroton in 6″ pots, 4 per square ft. yield appx 1 oz per plant.

    Even with little to no cure they smelled and tasted fantastic. A proper cure only makes this better and better. Smoke is smooth, very smooth. High is uplifting, then settles down into a nice relaxed and mellow, but not couch locked state.

  8. phily

    the only problem i seem to have with this strain is that its sold out.
    this is a very beautiful plant. quick, vigorous, resin coated, smells great, and awesome high.
    highly recomended
    great yield too. give her good light and get a good yield. avg 1 oz per plant if vegged for 1 month and flowerd 9 weeks under low light setting while grown in dirt.
    clones well and clones seem to be more vigorous than the moms
    stays fairly short, gets really bushy, so indica growth patterns but high is most sativa.



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