Space Cookies

Space Cookies a high performance hybrid that combines the classic taste of GSC, empowered with legendary genetics to add potency and robust performance.

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 60%

Sativa: 40%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 22%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Long lasting, Very High

  • Indoor

    100 cm

  • Taste Smell

    Earthy, Sweet

  • Yield Time

    63 Days

The Final Frontier… Space Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid (60/40%) that orbits on a cloud of sweetness with the booster power to blast you to the stars. This plant brings lavish riches and you won’t have to wait very long to share the reward thanks to a quick finish. Space Cookies is a powerful, but harmonious hybrid with a high THC content (20%+).

As fans of Paradise are aware, we never rush and will always take the time to bring our own particular twist to a popular variety. This is true of Space Cookies which is our take on the popular GSC strain (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies).

  • This variety is a delicious melting pot of legendary land races from India, Africa and South America.

    This has been achieved by crossing GSC with classic White Widow, with a little Afghan in the mix to enhance the resin production of this plant and boost the potency and harvest yield potential.

    The result is a finely balanced blend of indica and sativa.

  • As flowering advances the grow room aroma is a mix of pine, fruity sweet aspects and even a slight scent of fuel.
    This aroma persists once buds have been dried, although the notes are a more subtle melange.
    Sampled on the taste buds it is the sweetness which really comes to the forefront, with a hint of spiciness.   
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

    Indoors: The stable genetics of Space Cookies make this plant a superb addition to any indoor grow room setup. She is a medium sized plant that will grow without much encouragement and is relatively easy to manage which is good news for those new to growing.

    Experienced cultivators will appreciate the uniformity of this plant and the clusters of tight and resinous buds formed throughout its side branches. Initial bushy growth is followed by moderate stretching and this is a cannabis variety that will respond particularly well to training.

    Outdoors: Grown outdoors, Space Cookies is graceful but practical too. She naturally loves the sun of southern and Mediterranean regions but comes with good mold and pest resistance qualities – a fine coat that protects her from the less friendly climate in northern regions (sometimes displaying a flash of purple when conditions are cooler).

  • This girl scout also comes dressed in bling, in the form of the diamond nuggets that hang from her branches which exude a reassuringly pungent perfume and are extremely resinous in nature. Plants grown from Space Cookies cannabis seeds yield fat buds that form hard like moon rocks.

    Indoor Yield: 550 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield: 1000 g per plant

  • Recreational: The effect is one characterized by a sense of weightlessness and an overriding happy relaxation that carries with it a Zen like quality that will ease away the stress of the day, banish racing thoughts and provide a bit of meditative reflection. Space Cookies is strong, but its potency is not overpowering enough to limit activities to those which are based on the couch.

    Medical: The pleasant level of relaxation combined with user friendliness makes this strain a natural choice with medical users who seek to manage pain and is also popular with those seeking to counter the effects of depression.

  • Space Cookies cannabis seeds are suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L.. Plants will finish in mid October outdoors (n.L.) and after 8 – 9 weeks indoors. Estimated yield is 550 grams per m² indoors / 1000 grams per plant outdoors.

9 reviews for Space Cookies

  1. Youri Rengoir (Paradise Seeds)


  2. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)


  3. Anonymous (Paradise Seeds)

    All germinated

  4. Yassir (Paradise Seeds)

    Easy to grow and it’s taste is absolutly one of my favorites!

  5. Tarot FAWCETT (Paradise Seeds)

    Can’t wait

  6. Yassir (Paradise Seeds)

    This is one hell of a plant! Thanks Paradiseseeds!

  7. Uwe H. (Paradise Seeds)

  8. Indoor (store manager)

    This plant is incredible. beautiful chunky buds that are just glistening with trichomes, I’ve got some beautiful purple highlites as my nights are a little cool and the fan leaves faded into beautiful bright yellow and purple. Most important to me is the smell, it is strong enough to make your eyes water. Up close it’s like fresh ground black pepper, but outside where it is vented, it is like a really sour skunk smell. It is literally stinking up my entire neighbourhood. I can not recommend this plant enough. 6 stars!!!

  9. Paul

    Very nice plant. I germinated it on the 3/4/19
    Grown under 600w hpi used all h&g neutrients including top booster n top shooter

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