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Medical Cannabis Program

Paradise Seeds has an ongoing discount scheme for medical users, which will give them a 50% discount on all seed purchases.

The scheme is part of Paradise Seeds’ ongoing commitment to furthering the medical cannabis cause and supporting the needs of those who need it most.

When we launched Paradise Seeds 24 years ago, we soon became aware that patients suffering from a range of medical conditions were using cannabis to relieve their symptoms.

In recent years anecdotal evidence has increasingly been supported by scientific research. Cannabis brings relief for many thousands of medical users and yet many patients still struggle to find a reliable supply of high quality cannabis.

It is time this changed, especially in the light of the continuing global legalization process. Growing medical cannabis for personal use should be a human right. This discount is a token of our belief and we hope this program will be of help to those patients who need it most.”

Luc Krol - Founder master breeder Paradise Seeds

Luc Krol
Founder and master breeder - Paradise Seeds

Paradise Seeds strains are grown by companies producing medical cannabis under license from the Canadian Government and Government supported grow projects in South America. Paradise is also a main sponsor of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour which raises money for research into cannabis as a potential cancer treatment.

To qualify for the Paradise Seeds medical program, users will need to supply ID and relevant medical documentation (such as prescription, medical card or doctor’s recommendation). The offer is available to those growing for personal use and is bound by national restrictions regarding the import of seeds.

Regarding the use of cannabis-related products for medicinal purposes, we recommend to always consult a medical professional. If you live in a country in which there are no medical licences available but use cannabis to relieve medical symptoms please contact us to discuss further.

*Please be aware that our medical cannabis program discount offer is only available to patients and medical users who are living in the UK and Europe.

For any question regarding this program we kindly ask you to contact the dedicated email address [email protected]

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