Beginner’s Guide to Planting Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

If you’re reading this beginner’s guide to planting outdoor cannabis seeds then let’s start by saying congratulations and welcome to the club! For many people the decision to start growing their own is not one taken lightly and is often accompanied by a share of doubt and anxiety. However, most outdoor cannabis seed growers never look back once they have started out on the journey. Every plant begins with a seed and the first few weeks of its life are crucial, so here are some hacks to avoid common beginner mistakes.

1) What are the best cannabis seeds for beginners outdoors? 

Beginner growers are often overwhelmed by the choice of weed seeds available on the market. Chances are their first instincts are to grow the latest ‘trendy’ strain however, this is not the way to plan a first weed grow. The best cannabis seeds for beginners are the right outdoor cannabis seeds for the grow space and the growing environment which they will spend their life in.

If the prevailing climate is Mediterranean then most cannabis plants will thrive, but in wetter and colder climates a grower needs to choose wisely to avoid issues , such as  mold, which present themselves as Summer turns tio Autumn and harvest time approaches . Many beginners buy hybrid cannabis seeds , which are often a good temperate climate choice because they combine the best features of sativa and indica (such as big buds with a quicker finish).

Top Tip: Take the time to read the outdoors cultivation data on cannabis variety descriptions to see if they are recommended for the grower’s part of the world. 

2) Consider buying autoflowering cannabis seeds

When considering the best cannabis seeds for beginners in the outdoor grow space, autoflowers (AKA auto or autoflowering cannabis seeds) are a great option. They come with an in-built seed-flower clock, thanks to the presence of ruderalis genes, so they finish in just 7 – 9 weeks. They are also more discreet – perfect for a balcony or a small garden space – and easy to manage so they are a good learning plant to understand the weed growing process. Good beginner autoflower cannabis seeds include Vertigo Auto, Auto Wappa, Lemonade Auto and Auto Kong.

Top Tip: For more info on how to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors, check out the topic on the Grow Tips blog

3) How to start growing cannabis seeds instructions

Growers don’t need specific cannabis seeds for outdoor growing. Paradise Seeds has a reputation for breeding strains which work well indoors and outdoors and individual descriptions will give more specific information as to their suitability for a grow space. The germination process requires a bit of thought, so in regards to how to start growing cannabis seeds, the best advice is to plant seeds direct into a pot.But before the grower does this, they will need to germinate the seeds. Growing cannabis seeds is a little different in this respect and the germination process is usually achieved through using either the ‘tissue paper’ or ‘glass of water’ method.

Top Tip: The essential guide to germinating cannabis seeds for beginners can be found in the FAQ section , withe easy to follow instructions and video tutorial. 

4) Correct care from cannabis seed to seedling

Once a seed germinates there is still some work to do to give it the best start in life, and this is a crucial aspect of how to start growing cannabis seeds for indoor and outdoor plants. Again, new growers are advised to do their research! Common mistakes include over-watering cannabis seedlings (the soil should be damp, not soaking wet), poor choice of grow space (a sunny window sill with is the perfect spot for a seedling) and impatience (many a seed quietly doing its thing below the soil has been disturbed by an impatient grower poking it to see if it is actually growing!). When a seedling is big enough (usually at a height of 3 nodes , or when it’s roots are showing at the base of the pot) it is ready for transplanting to a bigger pot.

Top Tip: If your windowsill doesn’t get all day sunlight, move your seedling to another light source avoid it stretching (also known as growing ‘leggy’).

5) When to plant outdoor cannabis seeds? Not too early

One of the most important lessons to learn about how to start growing cannabis seeds outdoors is to be in tune with the natural environment around you and seasonal changes . Spring is a season which can bring warm, sunny days but cold nights with even the risk of frost (until the mid – end of May in Northern parts of Europe for example) and a common mistake many beginner growers make is to put their transplanted plants outside too early. Cannabis seeds for outdoor growing that have germinated and grown into seedlings are still vulnerable and especially to fluctuations in Spring temperatures.

Top Tip: While Spring temperatures are still fluctuating, create a little biome for the seedling from a plastic bottle. Cut out the bottom, remove the lid and place in the pot to keep the seed its own micro environment. 

6) Recommended cannabis seeds for outdoor growing 

Within the Paradise Seeds range, there are many photoperiod strains (ie those that will be ready to harvest in September/October) which will perform well outdoors. For the beginner, good cannabis seeds for outdoor growing suggestions are: Wappa, a very versatile indica leaning variety is an easy to manage hybrid with good resistance (or fellow Wappa family members, Mendocino Skunk and the Californian Collection upgrade, Tangerine Sorbet). For a good outdoor sativa leaning performer, the classic Nebula is an excellent performer and L.A. Amnesia has excellent mold and resistance properties.

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