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How to clean your grinder

How to clean a dirty weed grinder?

In this article we take a look at the best weed grinder cleaning methods!You know what it’s like… You buy yourself a fancy new bud grinder and everything is great for a while. Then one day, it just doesn’t grind how it used to and every joint rolling session becomes a battle.

For the cannabis connoisseur the consumer experience is a combination between ritual and practicality.

Useful then, that there seems to be a suitable tool for most parts of the process.
One cannabis accessory that has been a game changer for the weed consumer is the weed grinder.

But a cannabis grinder, as with most tools, needs some maintenance every now and again, especially if you are dealing with a super sticky substance like caked cannabis resin!

Before we share some tips for a clean grinder, gather some essential tools to help the process; an old toothbrush, for getting in between those grinder teeth, and something with a point – a bobby pin, safety pin or even a toothpick will help to dislodge those softened bits of goo. Take extra care if the grinder has a screen chamber (brush carefully and resist the temptation to scrape with a pointy tool).

Clean a plastic weed grinder with hot water

Have a plastic grinder? Well luckily for you the solution for a clean grinder is easily accessible! Place your grinder components in a bowl, boil some water, add the water, leave for a while and then use the toothbrush and pointy thing along with a little washing up soap to clean the device.

Clean a metal weed grinder in alcohol

In these pandemic times, more people than ever have a handy bottle of surgical strength alcohol in the cupboard and this is the starting point for most weed grinder cleaning recipes. Isopropyl alcohol is known as rubbing alcohol in some countries, in others – such as the UK where it is called surgical spirit – it may have a different name.

Available at most pharmacies, it is used as a cleaning agent for bodies (wounds) and homes (surfaces) and it is the ideal solution to target that gunk and grime on your bud grinder!

An effective method is to copy a marinading tip from the chefs and empty the alcohol into a Zip lock bag, but a jar works just as well. All parts of the grinder should be submerged into the solution and left to soak for 30 – 40 minutes (give it a periodic shake !).

Use that toothbrush and your pointy thing to finish off the job and make sure you rinse the grinder very well in warm water to get rid of any alcohol residue.

Clean a metal weed grinder with vinegar

If you have no alcohol then another excellent cleaning agent is also hiding in your cupboard – vinegar! This wonder substance is a well known home remedy used for cleaning. White vinegar is recommended, but if you’re desperate you’re desperate! So take the vinegar and add 3-4 tablespoons to a glass of water.

You now have a hard working cleaning solution which can be applied with a cloth or the toothbrush. Give the grinder a good work over (especially around the rim which tends to be where the resin collects and prevents smooth rotation.

Clean a metal weed grinder in the freezer

So you have no rubbing alcohol and no vinegar in the house. OK, OK! … This one may work for you! Just like that old trick of putting an item of clothing with chewing gum stuck to it in the freezer, place your grinder in the freezer (30 – 60 minutes).Take it out and tap and poke out the hardened resin.

A brief history of the cannabis grinder

As a tool, the weed grinder had its predecessors in the form of herb grinders which were first patented way back in 1905 (and were also used to grind loose leaf tobacco). This gadget jumped from culinary herbs to cannabis herbs around the start of the century, and has now firmly established itself as a an essential choice from the cannabis accessories category!

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