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Cannabis Christmas Gift Ideas blog

Great Cannabis Christmas Gift Ideas

Some people love the festive season, some people hate it, some people love buying gifts, some people spend this month suffering ‘WTF am I gong to buy them’ anxiety… So, let’s try and give you a helping hand with our great cannabis Christmas gift ideas list!

So obviously these weed related Christmas presents won’t be a perfect match for everybody. For example, when it comes to grandma, presenting her with a new bong on Christmas day will possibly not be received with joy, unless of course she’s part of the famous crew of grandmothers smoking pot which almost broke the internet a few years ago. Hey, maybe these ideas are just as useful for you when someone inevitably asks ‘what do you want for Christmas’ (answer, don’t say ‘I don’t know’ – you may be disappointed!). So use your own judgement and make use of our great cannabis Christmas gift ideas list wisely…

1) Cheap cannabis Christmas gifts – smoking accessories

These are not big ticket items but the proportional joy they bring is huge! One thing about getting older is that you actually take great joy in being given stuff that you would buy yourself but a) can’t justify, b) keep forgetting to buy or c) will always come in useful. So a new cannabis grinder is perfect, because deep down you know that your scummy, crusty grinder which moves like it ate a tube of super glue just needs a good clean, but actually receiving a super new high speed 4 piece grinder as a gift would be amazing!

2) Christmas gift close up – macro phone lens

We all have that friend who loves to show us photos of their weed plants, so this cannabis Christmas gift idea is a win, win! We all have decent camera phones these days but sometimes those close up trichome shots could just do with that extra level of detail. So with that in mind, a great choice for the stocking is a macro phone lens for either iPhone or Android smartphones. They will certainly boost the ability to get those up close and personal shots in the grow room! There are various models on the market, so see what macro phone lenses the experts are recommending at the moment.

3) A good cannabis book for Christmas

People are reading less these days due to shorter attention spans and time constraints as a result of too many scrolling options. However, if like some of the Paradise team it’s a habit you would like to change, perhaps with a New Year’s resolution to become more cerebral, then ease your way back into reading books with some friendly topic material before reaching for the Tolstoy. Take a look at our pre-prepared reading list of the best cannabis book recommendations.

4) Peace (of mind) this Christmas – smell free!

It’s the kind of gift that will be appreciated by anyone who has left the house with a nugget or two of dank in the pocket and got on the bus, walked into the office or gone to the supermarket and suddenly realized ‘shit! I stink of weed!’ These days there just is no excuse to travel with weed unsafely. A smell proof wallet or container is an essential piece of kit and a practical cannabis Christmas gift which will be enjoyed time and time again! There are plenty of smell proof container options out there, and we have always been big fans of the
Abscent range which extends from wallets to backpacks!

5) New Year investment cannabis seeds and garden aids

So finally, we come to the category of cannabis Christmas gifts which are appreciated long after the paper is unwrapped. A couple of packs of Paradise cannabis seeds is literally the gift which keeps giving (never mind the costs saved on wrapping paper!). It could be a White Christmas themed package (White Berry or White Noise!) or something exotic from this year’s California Collection. And just for that added value, we would highly recommend throwing in some sachets of growth boosting mychorrizhal fungi from our good friends at Dynomyco!

6) A cannabis Christmas cake

And finally… Cake. Who doesn’t like cake?! Especially when it’s been made at home and made with special ingredients. Here’s the recipe for a great Christmas cannabis cake!

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