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Sea of Green

5 Top Tips for Growing Cannabis Using Sea of Green

Thanks to the versatility and variety of Cannabis plants that exist on the Earth, growers have found different methods that work particularly to their skill level and the strain they are growing. One of these styles is called Sea of Green (S.O.G) and refers to growing a high number of smaller sized plants. Below are 5 top tips to remember next time you are growing cannabis with S.O.G, as well as some mistakes to avoid.

1) Pot Size and Plant Count

The main goal behind a Sea of Green set up is, that you will fill the tent or room from wall to wall. As the name suggests, the entire room is dedicated to smaller sized plants so when it comes to choosing the best pot size, you don’t want a pot that is too large that the root zone won’t occupy the space efficiently.

My top tip here, is to use a 7.5 or 10 liter pot and to keep a 30cm space between each. So for example you could get between 12 or 16 plants inside of a 1.2 meter space. Bigger roots may mean bigger fruits, however that means filling the pots out in the first place, which is the opposite of this style of growing. 

2) Keep Veg Times Short

If you want to avoid high electricity bills, heavy use of nutrients and high indoor temperatures from the lights being on 18 hour per day during the vegetative phase, the Sea of Green may be the solution! It is advised to keep the plants under 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark for only 7-10 days. The reason is to flower out a uniform and medium height canopy that is around 100cm-120cm final height.

Another tip  is to keep the vegging times on the shorter side and only take it to 10 days if absolutely necessary. Flowering out a canopy that is too tall and bushy for the space originally allocated defeats the purpose of S.O.G and will only add more time to your final harvest date. When working with rooted clones, then 7 days will be the perfect time to vegetate your Cannabis plants. 

3) Choose Your Strain Wisely!

Before you get excited and start ordering the latest hype strains from the USA and paying top dollar, it is best to research which strains available on the market place are best suited. The characteristics you will want should be short/medium indica dominant hybrids with a fast flowering time of 50-55 days ,with a main central cola and uniform side branching.

It is advised to avoid any strains that are known for being slow starters, and to research which strains the seed banks advise work well in a Sea of Green. It is highly recommended to work with either Wappa, Ice Cream, Dutch Kush and Nebula, as these are all incredibly well suited for S.O.G.

4) Allow Space To Work

As tempting as it can be to fill the grow tent from wall to wall, it is also essential you are able to get inside, and work hands on comfortably with your Sea of Green set up. Once flowering commences, the canopy can quickly become stacked and fill out meaning being extra vigilant for signs of mold, mildew and general maintenance of dried leaves is the key to success.

My tip here is to create a walking space around the 4 sides of the S.O.G, and to make sure that you can move things around, in the event of an emergency. If you have a large sized room then create an aisle down the middle and have two Seas of Greens in one room, as opposed to a giant canopy that you cannot get close to for the duration of the flowering cycle.

5) Proper Air Flow Is Essential

There is nothing worse than losing a crop due to a bad infection of Botrytis, and even more so when the buds rot from the inside out. The reason this happens is simply down to poor air flow around the plants, combined with a relative humidity above 40%. As all of the plants will flower so closely together, it is very easy for a powdery mildew or mold problem to get out of hand.

My best tip here is to make sure you have an oscillating fan at the bottom of the room blowing at the base and tops of the pots, as well as another fan that is blowing above the plants. The air flow should be a very comfortable breeze, that will help circulate the air fresh and remove any stagnant air in the room. It is also recommended to keep your oscillating fans spinning at different times from one another to maximize the air current.

7) Mistakes To Avoid

  • Using a pot that is too big and will only waste growing medium and potential space.
  • Not doing your research and choosing the wrong genetics not suited for S.O.G.
  • Having inadequate air flow and poor air circulation at the top and bottom of the plants.
  • Growing plants in 18/6 for longer than 10 days causing plants to become too big.
  • Limiting your working space and having great difficulty moving between the plants.
  • Turning your fans off at night and encouraging stagnant air to set in the garden.

By Stoney Tark (Author of Stoney Tark’s Top Tips on Growing Cannabis)

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