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Medical Cannabis

5 Medical Cannabis Strains and Reasons Patients Choose Them

Around the world, medical cannabis is now seen in a very different light to how it was when Paradise Seeds started back in the mid 1990s. Even at the highest level, attitudes are shifting, as evidenced by the UN’s decision to remove cannabis from Schedule IV of the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and to recognize the potential merits of medical cannabis. People often ask ‘what is the best medical cannabis strain’ ? If only it was a simple answer…  

So what are medical users looking for? Obviously, there is no one size fits all medical cannabis strain, but there are some varieties which have been bred with cannabinoid profiles that provide enhanced effects which medical users may consider beneficial in terms of bringing desirable qualities such as relaxation, appetite stimulation and relief from pain. 

It needs to be emphasized that prescribed medical cannabis has been prepared with the medical user in mind – with extracts delivering a regulated and stabilized dose.  Therefore, those able to grow medical cannabis for their own preparation (please check the laws in your country) should be looking for the attributes of particular cannabis varieties to inform their choice. 

What Are Patients Looking For in Medical Cannabis Strains?  

Which cannabinoids does the strain contain and in what percentages? The most common of these are THC and CBD – the former comes with a psychoactive quality which produces a ‘high effect’, while CBD is non-psychoactive and brings the relaxation effect. Those who have experience with cannabis will often grow THC/CBD combination varieties, but high CBD strains are often the preferred choice of those new to consuming cannabis who want to avoid feeling intoxicated.   

Many medical users will combine medical cannabis with other treatments, such as a holistic health approach which also embraces nutrition and exercise. Even amongst shared medical complaints and conditions, every individual is different and so what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. 

Key to any   medical treatment is finding out what works for the individual and how their body responds (and gauging this can be a lengthy process). The best advice we give anyone wanting to experiment with cannabis in relation to a medical condition is to take it low and slow and build up.  It is also recommended that anybody considering the medical marijuana route should also consult their doctor or physician first – especially if combining with other medication.     

Paradise Seeds has its own medical program , which we set up to give cheaper access to medical cannabis seeds (there is a 50% discount on all seeds for any user that can provide proof of medical use – although we can’t offer this service beyond the UK and Europe). The following list is based on submissions to the Paradise Seeds medical program and is judged purely on the popularity of seeds obtained through the scheme.

Top 5 Strains For Medical Cannabis Users


An instant classic from this year’s high CBD strain release thanks to CBDream’s Zen-like effect profile   this great tasting plant (lemony and earthy tones) has an interesting cannabinoid profile with 15% CBD and 0.4% THC and has been tested with high levels (10%) of CBG which has been associated with helping to ease the symptoms of anxiety.


This is one of the original Paradise autoflowers – a combination of Afghan indica and African sativa genetics. From the early days it gained a reputation amongst medical users who singled out its positive contribution to conditions marked by pain and anxiety. It is a very easy plant to grow so is the perfect choice for those new to cannabis growing – either as an indoor plant or as an outdoor fixture in the garden (it is a good performer in more northerly regions).    


This is a 70/30% indica hybrid which has been bred for high CBD levels (15 – 20% CBD with 0.6% THC) so is a good recommendation for the medical cannabis grower who is keen to avoid any psychoactive effect. It has been recognized as having analgesic and anti-anxiety properties and, unlike many CBD strains on the market, the enhanced terpene profile brings a very tasty consumer experience. 

Jacky White

A straight up sativa classic from the Paradise library this strain has been recommended by medical users as a mood lifter and as an energizer in conditions that are marked by fatigue. The product of crossing two classic strains – White Widow and Jack Herer – it has a full bodied terpene profile, rich in Limonene, Pinene and Myrcene. 

Durga Mata

This THC/CBD combination indica has been a go to choice for medical users over the years which is why it was chosen to be the basis of a CBD Rich 1:1 variety (in the form of Durga Mata ll ). Underpinned by Himalyan and Afghani genetics it is almost a land race strain in its form. The CBD version in particular is popular with medical users seeking pain relief.

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