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How to protect your weed plants from a power blackout

This winter is going to be an uncertain period for growers in European countries. It’s not only the rise in energy bills that people are worried about, but the prospect of black outs and power cuts this winter as national energy infrastructure feels the pressure.  So here are some tips on how to protect your weed plants from a power blackout.

While European governments are taking measures to protect the energy supply this winter, media sources have suggested that there could be some disruption in the form of blackouts. Therefore cannabis growers need to be thinking ahead and be ready to adapt, because if power goes down then the effect on the indoor grow cycle could be catastrophic. Last month we discussed ways to save energy in the grow room, but what are the priorities for those grow contingency plans in the case of a blackout?

Secure an alternative power and light source in a grow room blackout

For some growers in rural areas, a gasoline generator may be a solution but this is not an option for most growers. To avoid a catastrophe with your light cycle following a grow room blackout, consider investing in the kind of heavy duty power bank which is sold by camping lifestyle suppliers. No, it won’t be enough to power your LEDs, but with a portable light bulb fixture attached, it will at least provide some light to maintain the lighting schedule which could get you through a sticky patch in the event of a grow room power cut and stop your plants from switching to flowering.

If this sounds like an expensive option (they always do until you need them…), then anecdotal advice suggests using a flashlight in order to give regular bursts of light during the time period when the grow lights should be on. For growers cultivating weed with hydroponics, there are extra concerns when the power goes down. Investing in alternative power sources, such as passive hydroponics systems and battery operated air pumps for example, will provide back-up options.

How to provide heat when there is a grow room power cut

As many home grow set ups are located in attics, and many attics are lacking insulation between the flimsy walls of the grow tent and the roof, any power cut is going to lead to a rapid loss of heat. If the external temperatures are low then it won’t be long before your plants will start shivering and this stress could be fatal. Keeping as much heat inside the tent as you can is a priority. While adding an extra layer of foil insulation is the most ideal solution, blankets and bubble wrap can provide emergency aid in the event of a black out, so start saving up that Amazon packaging!

Check the timers after a grow room power cut

We love timers! They take the uncertainty out of running grow room equipment and most of the time we can rely on them completely. However, a power cut will inevitably provide a disruption and a common mistake is to forget to reset them after any black out. It’s a simple task, but failing to reset the timer will have disastrous consequences for your crop.

Switch to Autoflowers to avoid grow room power cut disruption

With so much uncertainty this winter, now may be a good time to consider going auto in the grow room. Unlike photoperiod plants, which are super sensitive to light changes, autoflowers are genetically programmed to flower regardless of light hours. Strains such as Lemonade Auto, Vertigo and the temperature resilient Auto Wappa are good examples of easy grow autoflower varieties.

The only certain thing about the coming few months is that they will be filled with a great deal of uncertainty. Thinking now, planning ahead and having a contingency for the worst case scenario of a grow room power cut will help you to be prepared for any disruption which may be heading your way.

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