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Prevent Red Eyes After Smoking Weed!

Prevent Red Eyes After Smoking Weed!

Is it possible to prevent red eyes after smoking weed? The cannabis effect is well documented as being a fulfilling combination of wonderful smell, superb taste and a combination of euphoria and contented relaxation. However, there is one physical side effect which is frequently a source of social anxiety and that is bloodshot ‘stoned eyes’.

You know how it goes… Your work is done, it’s time to chill and you’ve just had your first joint of the day when something happens and you are forced to leave the sanctuary of your home and enter an environment populated by non-stoned people . Before you leave you quickly check the mirror and…. Oh jeez! Your eyes are so RED you look like you’ve spent the night partying with Dracula and the Twilight posse. What can you do?!

What causes red eyes when you smoke weed?

The most common explanation for red eyes after smoking weed is that THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis) has the effect of lowering the body’s blood pressure . As this happens, the capillaries in the whites of your eyes become more dilated  so the eyes become redder. And it’s not just the act of smoking weed that gives you stoned eyes. High THC cannabis content in edibles can also prompt those ocular blood vessels to stretch and fill with blood.

Why do I get red eyes worse than other people?

This is often due to a combination of factors. Some people are naturally more prone to getting bloodshot eyes with an allergic reaction to irritants such as dust and pollen. Some weed smokers complain of hay fever symptoms when they smoke weed, and this will obviously contribute to the red eye effect. The strength of the weed being consumed will also affect the condition – with higher THC strains contributing to weed induced red eye. Regularity of use is also a factor, and the red eye or stoned eyes side effect tends to be less prevalent amongst those who consume cannabis on a frequent basis and therefore have a higher tolerance to THC. However, this will depend from person to person – some people are just unlucky to get very red eyes when they consume cannabis.

Can you prevent red eyes?

Yes, but you’re not going to like the answer if you’re a fan of high THC cannabis varieties such as Chocolate Wafflez, Sunset Paradise or Californian Gold! Switching to a lower THC content weed strain should reduce the issue help and of course a CBD rich strain with minimal THC content, would eliminate the issue if the THC link to red eye hypothesis is correct.

How can you get rid of stoned red eyes after smoking weed?

The most obvious answer to this is wait a while for the effect to wear off and your stoned eyes to return to normal. But for a quick fix, eye drops seems to be the most popular solution to the issue. However, if eye drops are not an option then the world of Reddit throws up some potential alternatives. The most popular suggestion is to use a cold compress which could have the effect of forcing those capillaries to contract. An ice pack, or cloth soaked in very cold water, held over the eyes for five minutes is recommended. On the other hand, others recommend a warm compress (cloth or towel soaked in hot water), so it may be a good idea to do a trial run to see what works best for your eyes!

Have a good excuse!

So if none of the above works and you really do need to interact and be sociable without appearing stoned, it may be time to reach for the excuse book… Obvious excuses are to pretend to be very tired (making a show of rubbing your eyes), pretending you’ve been to a chlorinated swimming pool or claiming to have an allergy. However, if you go down this route just be aware that this will only work if the rest of your behaviour doesn’t give the game away!…

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