Sweetopia & Purple Mints: New Indica Strains

Long time fans of Paradise Seeds will know that the company has a tradition of producing heavyweight indica strains. Well there are two new indica kids on the block we think you’re going to love, because this Autumn/ Fall collection features the delights of Sweetopia and Purple Mints.

They combine the best of Cali genetics and fine Dutch tuning in the Paradise Seeds breeding rooms. To create these strains an extensive pehno hunt was carried out to find specimens that could bring something different to the flavor profile. One of the new strains, Purple Mints, also has a potency which places it in the same couch-locker league as Paradise classics such as Sensi Star and Allkush.

Paradise breeder Luc Krol says, ”Sweetopia and Purple Mints are excellent additions to our California Collection. They have taken a little longer than we initially thought because we were very thorough with the pheno hunt process. I wanted to find specimens that really brought something unique to the table and growers will find this reflected in the sophistication of the terpene profiles.

We previewed Sweetopia at Spannabis earlier this year and got an incredible reaction. It was so popular we had to hide the sample jar – people kept coming back wanting more! I know that there will also be some very pleased indica lovers out there with this release  as Purple Mints is an incredibly potent strain in the tradition of Paradise heavyweights.”

So let’s take a look at an overview of the new Purple Mints and Sweetopia indica cannabis strains from Paradise Seeds:

Purple Mints (Purple Kush x Skunk #1 x Cookies)

If you love the power of an indica couchlocker then look no further than Purple Mints! This plant is the latest in a long line of Paradise indica powerhouse strains and its 22% THC levels, combined with its complex terpene profile, has produced a face melting monster! Its taste profile is full of surprises – sweetness, strawberries and banana, with layers of pine, eucalyptus mint and gas (diesel) below. A medium sized plant, it finishes in 60 – 65 days.

Sweetopia (Citral x Thin Mint Cookies)

This indica is more mellow, and in small doses the effect is surprisingly energetic, giggly and sociable. Higher doses bring a deep state of indica head and body relaxation. Its brightly colored buds and superb terpene profile is what really makes this strain stand out from the crowd. The taste is a concentrated citrus burst of limes, lemons and clementine oranges, with under layers of hashy earthiness and gas.  Medium sized, finish time is 60-65 days.

If you’re preparing that grow room for an Autumn/winter run then these two strains are a great fit for any set up. They will be especially appealing to growers who have height restrictions in their grow spaces. Both plants display a classic indica growth pattern, and both are medium sized and bushy in their structure, producing big weighty buds. There is more information on the product description pages, with some handy tips from the Paradise breeding team to make the most of their growth potential.

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