White Widow: The Best 5 Crosses to Buy

White Widow is one of the most popular strains of all time and set the benchmark for many of the cannabis strains  which have emerged over the past 20 years. Its parentage combines classic Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica genetics from the state of Kerala. Its superb all round qualities have made it an ideal building block for the creation of other plants. This article takes a look at some of the best White Widow crosses to buy in the Paradise Seeds library.

So what makes White Widow such an excellent strain builder? One of its best qualities is its all round qualities which make it a plant that is easy to manage and high in the performance stakes. The name is certainly influenced by the amazing coverage of crystal trichomes which is a highlight feature of this down the middle hybrid with a 50/50 split. So which Paradise Seed strains carry the influence of the White Widow? We’ve selected 5 we recommend to try!

Jacky White: Classic Jack Herer and White Widow cross sativa

They don’t come any more epic than this cup winning sativa from the Paradise Classics collection which combines two heavyweight strains and is one of the most popular Paradise Seeds White Widow crosses. Jacky White is one of the most pleasant strains for all day use and a quick yielder than many sativas with its flowering time of 60 days. Growers love it because it is such a low maintenance plant and is a consistent performer which can be relied upon. It also has an autoflower version in the form the excellent Auto Jack.

White Berry: Forbidden Fruit Indica

If there was ever a cannabis plant that Hansel and Gretel would find in a fairy tale forest then it would be White Berry, which picked up the nickname ‘forbidden fruit’ due to its fantastical appearance and berry rich taste. This reputation is further enhanced by the bewitching nature of the effect which combines a heady sativa hit with indica body relaxation. When it was released, Paradise breeder Luc Krol declared it to be the closets he had come to producing a ‘model cannabis plant’. The influence of the White Widow can be seen in the coverage of glittering crystal which complements its coat of light and dark green and bright orange pistils.

Nebula: Award Winning White Widow cross hybrid

This is the favorite hybrid strain of many diehard Paradise fans and the White Widow cross  influence can be seen in the frostiness of this sweet and fruity strain which inspired the name Nebula. Those who know it well claim a honey-like quality to the sweetness and love its  handling – from grow room performer to uplifting (with a sense of outer body spaciness) effect.

White Noise: Amsterdam/California White Widow cross indica

Paradise’s latest dance with the Widow has resulted in White Noise which is one of those White Widow crosses which manages to span the ages and lays up the indica credentials of the original. It combines classic old school Amsterdam flavors with new school Californian genetics which bring a distinctive Cookies twist. The result is a White Widow cross whose upgrade will delight veterans of the Amsterdam coffeshop scene and introduce newer generations who’ve grown up on Cali weed varieties to a real classic taste.

Ice Cream: Sporty White Widow cross

This is one classy looking plant and the White Widow influence can be seen in the appearance, adding some diamond sparkle to Ice Cream’s buds which blush with racing reds, oranges and pinks. Combined with Bubble Gum and a Californian Skunk, it leans to the indica side and is a great plant for an indoor grow due to its solid growth pattern and good bud production for its compact structure.

The wonderful thing about White Widow is that it was an instant classic when it came out in the early 1990s, but just keeps on giving! Over the years it has seen many new incarnations as it has been crossed with genetics that are on trend at the time, and it is likely to give many more in the years to come!

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