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Lemonade Auto

Lemonade Auto is one big juicy fruit bowl of terpenes in quick flowering format. Its sweet and sour oranges and lemon flavor comes with high THC content (20% +).

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indica sativa ratio

Indica: 40%

Sativa: 60%






THC Potency

THC Potency: 24%





  • Neurologic-Effect

    Creative, Sociable

  • Indoor

    150 cm
    500 Gr

  • Taste Smell

    Sour, Sweet

  • Yield Time

    75 Days

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Citrus fizz…If you love your flavors then this is the autoflower for you! Lemonade Auto is one big juicy fruit bowl full of terpenes with a rich stream of citrus flowing through its core.

This hybrid auto plant, balanced more towards the sativa, is a real feel-good ‘taste of summer’ plant.

In the blender are the flavors of Tangerine Sorbet – the Cali addition to Paradise’s renowned Wappa strain family – but taken to new levels.

For autoflower growers the extra THC potency (20%+) will also be a big plus, providing a powerful return on such a quick flowering variety.

  • The lineage of Lemonade Auto begins with Tangerine Sorbet, a popular Paradise sativa which combines Wappa and Thin Mint Cookie genetics.

    For this strain a pheno displaying accentuated tangerine/orange sweetness was chosen and combined with a selected Lemon Skunk with a particularly sour profile.

    Tweaks in the breeding room have produced a strain which will make the mouth water!

  • What can we say about Lemonade Auto? When we say its essence is dominated by citrus it really doesn’t do this strain justice. In the grow room you can almost smell the vitamin C as layers of orange and lemon hang in the air.

    The orangey high notes of its Tangerine Sorbet parentage have been accentuated to bring the kind of intense sweetness which comes from peeling a tangerine picked ripe from the tree.

    While maintaining the citrus theme, a sour lemon edge provides an enjoyable counter balance to the taste sensation and will be more pronounced in some phenotypes of this variety.

  • Difficulty Level: Easy

    Indoors : Some strains are just aesthetic crowd pleasers in the grow room and Lemonade Auto is definitely one of these. It is a lovely plant to grow, and its strong but zesty scent will definitely enhance any grow room.

    Its sativa characteristics are definitely present in the grow structure and growers should allow for 1 – 1.5 meters in height (somewhere in the middle will be the common experience).

    Outdoors : Again, a lovely growing experience, and while outdoor growers won’t get the full effect of the wonderful aromas, this plant will impress and is definitely an easy fit into any summer garden.

    Those sativa genes may well see it stretch a little more outside, especially under the heat and sun of the Mediterranean zone.

  • The sativa nature of Lemonade Auto is evident in the growth pattern of this autoflower and its upwards tower structure. Big top buds are clustered around a main central cola, with supporting branches beneath yielding smaller but dense nuggets which growers will enjoy plucking, like oranges and lemons.

    The tangerine coloring in the buds is complemented by a trichome layer which resembles the heavy sprinkle of a spoonful of sugar (not that these buds need to be any sweeter!).

    Indoor Yield : 500 g per m²
    Outdoor Yield:   50+ g per plant

  • Recreational: While this plant has a high potency level the effect will be popular with those seeking the energy and clarity which comes with a good sativa strain. The effect is lively but without the jittery speediness that is a characteristic of some high THC sativas.

    The Lemonade Auto effect is conducive to socializing with friends or getting creative with one’s own thoughts and will bring a sense of care-free attitude to any occasion. A good all day experience.

    Medical: The uplifting qualities of this plant provide a natural tonic against the challenges of the day. For this reason medical conditions affected by stress and anxiety may benefit from a shot of Lemonade Auto. It also has potential as an appetite inducer.

  • Suitable for growing outside between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L., Lemonade Auto cannabis seeds produce plants that will finish in 10 – 11 weeks after seed germination and slightly less indoors. Estimated yield is 500 grams per m² indoors / 50+ grams per plant outdoors.

Zest Powered Rocket Soars to Sativa Heights

Lemonade Auto is a new generation autoflower from Paradise Seeds which combines 20%+ THC levels with a super pronounced terpene profile. With a name like Lemonade, it comes as no surprise that citrus lines up front and center in the taste and aroma department. Lemonade Auto combines popular Tangerine Sorbet, the Cali version of Paradise’s popular Wappa, and a particularly sour lemon skunk. We put it to the test in an outdoor environment.

Germination and Vegetative Stage

Two Lemonade Auto seeds were germinated between layers of moist tissue paper and both cracked open within two days. As it was April and spring temperatures were still fluctuating, they were started off in coir jiffy pots (8cm x 8cm) and transplanted into the ground when they had achieved five nodes in growth after about 3 weeks, and protected from night temperature dips with a cloche until the threat had passed.

During the veg stage, a sunny spell coincided with significant stretch and the seedlings soon displayed their sativa characteristics with their display of spiky dark green narrow leaves. It was clear that these plants were only intent on going up! Growth was vertical, with 6 large fan leaves radiating around the stem like the fins of a lemon zest powered rocket, and only two notable side branches to mention. The plants were 25 cm and 27 cm when they began to flower.

Flowering phase

After 30 days Lemonade Auto hit the next stage of its journey and the various bud sites around the stem began to open up, accompanied by another significant stretch. Over the coming weeks a bud globe developed around the top of the plant. This was the focal point for two huge bud clusters, however below them not so large, but still significantly sized buds, laddered down the stem in parallel sets of pairs.

As the flowering cycle progressed, they swelled significantly to fill up stem space and as harvest approached they seemed to merge into one big bud running three quarters the length of the stem. The accompanying bouquet was a citrus so intense it almost eclipsed the scent from a nearby lemon balm plant, although with the addition of extra pungency. Extending the theme, buds had a real sense of lemon pith to their off white colouring, which became more defined with the addition of greens and flame red pistils as they ripened. Final heights were 85 cm and 88 cm.

Harvest Yield

60 grams and 65 grams.

Smell and Smoke Report

Dried buds retained that alluring coloring, and with the thick sugary coating of trichomes, they resembled super sized lemon candies. The sharpness of the citrus evident in the grow room had mellowed a little but there were no doubts about the lemon heritage in terms of aroma. A squeeze between the fingers unlocked that layer of reassuring pungency with its skunky essence.

For the smoke test, 0.5 grams of Lemonade Auto was ground up and smoked in a pure spliff. An incredibly satisfying taste experience accompanied the first puffs, with a tangerine sweetness coming to the fore before the taste of lemon began to seep through, with a sour aftertaste which lingered on the tongue. As the description had promised a ‘juicy fruit bowl’ there were no surprises, however, what was surprising was the actual intensity of the citrus experience, which triggered something like a Homer Simpson drool from the salivary glands.

The effect was almost instant and a real summer lifter which was clear and focused. The Lemonade Auto brought a wonderful lightness in taste and the effect which was strong but friendly; that feeling that all is good with the world and anything seems achievable. A swift lift off was followed by a nicely intense 1 – 1.5 hours in the happy place before quite a sudden tailing off, leaving the user refreshed (and ready for more!).

The verdict

An easy management and plant which brings a clear feel good factor effect and takes citrus to new levels with its incredible terpene profile. Highly impressive in looks and performance.

Cultivation data:

Genetics Lemonade Auto
Vegetative stage 30 days
Flowering stage 74 days
Medium Homemade mix: Peat/garden, manure, dry seaweed, perlite
pH 6.0-6.5
Light Natural sun
Temperature 17-25°C
Air humidity 60-80%
Watering By hand
Fertilization Biobizz Grow, Bloom, Top Max
Additives/stimulants Dynomyco Mycorrhizal Inoculant
Tools N/A
Height 85 cm and 88 cm
Yield 60 grams and 65 grams

4 reviews for Lemonade Auto

  1. Arsenio C. (Paradise Seeds)

    Good evening Paradise Seeds yes I am happy my plants grow well, only 3Plants stay short why so much different? I Put the seeds the same time in the earth now 2-3weeks ago but 2Lemonade Auto and one extra Seeds Stromboli stay short. But at the same tiime Happy with Paradise Seeds always good Quality. I Order now 3years Super guys I write more when the Ladys are Ready.

  2. Thomas (Paradise Seeds)

    Einer von drei Samen wurde nix. Die anderen beiden “Mädchen” wachsen top.

  3. Daniel Hartenauer (Paradise Seeds)

    Good condition

  4. Søren H. Sørensen (Paradise Seeds)

    Start a bit late, but it looks good.

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