Sea of Green cannabis

Benefits of Using Sea of Green Cannabis Method

Sea of Green cannabis may sound like something which is described to explain the endless fields of cannabis in countries such as Morocco, Pakistan, and India, however SOG is actually a method of growing cannabis.

In this article we explain the benefits of growing with the cannabis Sea of Green method, pot size, which strains work best and 5 mistakes to avoid.

What is Sea of Green cannabis?

Basically Sea of Green cannabis (commonly known as a SOG cannabis grow) means when a large volume of small-sized cannabis plants are grown closely together, with the intention of a very short vegetative phase (18/6) and to flower the plants with a final height of 75-100cm.

The end result with a SOG cannabis grow is a garden that looks identical in height and has a uniform growth structure. This is where the name Sea of Green comes from as the entire garden will be one large green-filled space. It is important to follow certain protocols when following a cannabis SOG method and one of those is to use cultivars that are SOG suited and stay small and uniform.

The growing phase should  be between 10-14 days from seed, and 5-7 days if working with cannabis clones. Plants that are allowed to grow too big with the cannabis SOG method will ultimately become too large, overcrowded, and defeat the purpose of the Sea of Green.

It is also possible to flower seedlings under 12/12 without any vegetative time whatsoever and achieve a successful cannabis Sea of Green, however this is better for novice growers and if you do want to cut out 18/6 all together then working with rooted clones is advised.

The benefits of the SOG cannabis method

  • Using feminized seeds and clones for your Cannabis Sea of Green will ensure a packed-out garden that is full from one side to another.
  • By keeping your vegetative times to a minimum with a SOG cannabis grow, you will be able to reduce electricity bills meaning you don’t have to worry about an enormous bill after a typical 18/6 duration.
  • You are able to harvest a crop every 8-9 weeks depending on cultivar, meaning your return on investment is paid off very quickly, and curing jars permanently full.
  • Maintenance levels should be low and the final plant height will be medium-short so ideal for home growers who have limited height in their grow room.
  • You will be able to fully maximize your growing space and get the highest yields possible in the shortest amount of time.

Pot size and spacing for best SOG results

  • 6.5 – 10 liter pots will work perfect and allow plants to finish around 75-100cm.
  • For every pot, allow a 40cm squared area for the plants to grow into and fill out.
  • Make sure watering can be done easily and all pots are evenly spaced out.
  • Create an aisle down the center and sides so you can access all parts of the garden.

Which Paradise Seeds Strains Work Best For a SOG Cannabis Grow?

When it comes to the Cannabis SOG method, you will want to consider fast flowering, indica dominant strains, so we recommend White Berry Feminized, El Dorado OG Feminized.

5 Things To Avoid Growing A Cannabis Sea of Green

  1. Plant Training

The aim of the game with a successful Cannabis Sea of Green is to keep the vegetative time as short as possible, so unfortunately plant training techniques such as topping, fimming, and tying down are all out of the question. Avoid doing anything to the Cannabis plants during the 18/6 duration.

  1. Sativa Dominant Cultivars

Indica dominant varieties that have a tendency to grow with a uniform and homogeneous appearance are the best candidates for Cannabis Sea of Green. Avoid sativa dominant hybrids that will be difficult to control and grow too tall for the SOG cannabis grow method.

  1. Poor Air Circulation:

It may be great having a room filled from one end to the other, however it is imperative that the air circulation around the plants is fresh and plentiful. Avoid overcrowding your Cannabis plants and allow room for fresh air to blow around the bottom and tops of the canopy.

  1. No Space To Work:

There is nothing more frustrating than not having access to the plants, and especially in an emergency that requires you to be hands on with the crop. Make sure you create an aisle to work through and leave spacing around the walls so you have full access to the plants.

  1. Cannabis Plants Touching Walls:

When flowering Cannabis, Botrytis can be growers worst nightmare and cause sleepless nights. One way to combat this crop killing pathogen is to keep the air flow around the plants optimal and not letting flowering Cannabis plants touch the walls of the tent or grow room.

Walls are a hotspot for humidity and stagnant air which are the ideal conditions for mold to set in with a Cannabis SOG grow.

For more information on growing weed with this technique, also check out 5 tips for growing cannabis using SOG

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