Cannabis Cookies Strain

The History Of The Cannabis Cookies Strain

In this article we take a look at the history of the cannabis Cookies strain and look at 5 Cookies influenced strains in the Paradise Seeds collection. In the hierarchy of the cannabis world there are a myriad of individual strains which have grabbed the limelight and then there are the strains that give birth to dynasties.

When we say dynasties we are talking about influencer strains such as Kush and Haze which have spawned a whole sub-genre of cannabis. Since the early 2010s the Cookies family has been the latest dynasty to influence the tastes and sensations of cannabis connoisseurs around the world.

Where did the Cookies strain originate from?

This popular weed strain emerged from the USA in the early 2010s, the product of the legendary Cookies Fam collective based in San Francisco.

How did the Cannabis Cookies strain get its name?

Cookies started out life as Girl Scout Cookies and the name is believed to have been influenced by the terpene profile which was linked with the aroma of freshly baked cookies. The strain’s swift rise to prominence coincided with the tale of an enterprising American girl scout who capitalized on the eager audience she found at a San Francisco weed dispensary to sell 117 boxes of genuine Girls Scout Cookies (a traditional fund raising activity for the Girl Scouts of the USA).Pressure from the organization contributed to the strain name changing to GSC. In the years since, the cannabis Cookies label has become a more generic term widely used for the strain and associated with the brand which has scaled unprecedented cannabis heights in the post-legalization landscape.

Is Cookies an Indica or a Sativa?

The original GSC is an indica dominant cannabis hybrid strain. It is said that the genetic mix is OG Kush and Durban Poison (some reports also suggest a Grandaddy Purple element too), but its true origins remain a secret.

What does Cookies cannabis taste like?

Although the assumption is that this is a sweet tasting strain, it is also characterized by a musky earthiness with a sweet follow-through after the initial inhalation. It is often associated with a dessert type aroma.

What other characteristics does the cannabis Cookies strain have?

In its purest form Cookies is not renowned for delivering big yields but it’s lack of quantity and relatively small bud size is balanced by its potency. Common descriptions of the effect include the words euphoric, happy, stress free and deep body relaxation.

Why is the Cookies strain so popular?

It could be argued that Cookies was the first Instagram friendly cannabis strain as its worldwide popularity has been fuelled by publicity spread around platforms such as photo based platform. Just as with the dynastic strains which preceded it, Cookies quickly multiplied its consumer influence with cannabis phenotypes such as Thin Mint and Platinum GSC.

Three Paradise Seeds Cookies strains to try

Just as original Paradise genetics have fed back into the general breeding mix (Sensi Star has spawned over 50 direct descendants over the years), the cannabis seed company also has a reputation for bringing its own unique twist to popular genetics. Here’s 3 Cookies influenced strains to try:

Space Cookies
The first Cookies influenced hybrid strain hit the Paradise library in the mid-2010s and is something of an under-discovered secret. Certainly popular with Cookies fans looking for something extra, the GSC x selected Afghan landraces cross brings even more resin into the Cookies recipe. Aside from an enhanced yield – 550 grams per m² indoors / 1000 grams per plant outdoors – an additional layer of fruity sweetness hovers over its pine, earth and subtle fuel notes.

White Noise
This 2022 release brings Cookies bling to an Amsterdam coffeeshop classic and the result is a strain which spans across different cannabis eras.The White Widow x specially selected Space Cookies has produced an 80% indica which is well balanced and easy to grow. It packs a hefty +20% THC punch although the effect is marked by a euphoric clarity which is layered on top of bodily relaxation. The flavor profile is sweet citrus/vanilla/pine with earth/nut/peppermint tones.     Estimated yield is 450g per m² indoors / 700g per plant outdoors.

Chocolate Wafflez

This delicious and potent strain shows another side of the Thin Mint GSC personality as it has been combined with Paradise powerhouse, L.A. Amnesia, to create a 70% sativa. With its dark chocolate and mint flavoring the Cookies comes flooding through after an initial hit that is characterized by the Haze in this strain’s profile. It’s a big yielder for a sativa too – with potential indoor yields of 600 g per m² and outdoor yields of 1000 g per plant.

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