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Wappa by peter evans
Strain: Wappa
Uploader: peter evans
Days to Finish: 56
Growing Medium: Hydro
Location: U.K.
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Fertilizer Vitalink Coir Coco, grow bloom and buddy

Wappa by peter evans

Photocontest Details

This was a freebie when i order other seeds and fuck me sideways i have been growing since 1998 and shitloads of the worlds best strains and now this comes along and kicks me in the bollox.I have had a few friends sample the cured Wappa and they all agree its the strongest smoke they have ever had and hammered every simgle person that tried it.A keeper for sure plant grew to around 3ft tall after being placed into flower at 12" and self supported itself throughout the grow and yielded just over 5oz of dry cured and 1oz of lower stuff possibly the frostiest buds i have seen in years.

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Rating 4 Out of 5 (5 Reviews)


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